‘Snow White’ Rescued From Wintery Grave and Warmed for Days

Caki Bravo heard only the crunch of snow beneath his boots as he approached the coiled body of a small, blond dog dusted in white. At first Caki thought he might too late. The air had plummeted to -11 degrees for two consecutive nights and the dog was reported to have been lying motionless throughout. But it turns out that the little dog given the name Snow White was very much alive. She had given up, choosing a secluded concrete area away from pedestrian traffic. As Caki gently wiped the snow from her back, Snow White looked up at him weakly. She was nearly weightless in Caki’s arms as he carried her away.

“We are currently at the vet and her body temperature is 32.9 (celcius) and regular body temperature should be 38,” Caki explained days ago as he stood by the bedside of Snow White who weighed in at the size of a large cat. “The vet did everything he could to increase her body temperature as much as he could with blankets and by giving her a warm IV. This little girl only weighs about 6.9 kg (15.2 lbs). She is such a small baby and approximately 3-years-old. We conclude, that because nobody recognized her in the neighborhood, she was freshly thrown out of a house and could not figure her way out on the streets.”

It took days to fully warm Snow White’s body, but she began showing promising signs that very first afternoon as she took a bathroom break outside the veterinary clinic and curiously sniffed the air. Just one week later, Snow White already looks like a brand new dog as she confidently explores her foster home.

Snow White at the veterinary clinic

Snow White at the veterinary clinic

Snow White’s hero Caki is an indomitable force of animal rescue, scouring the neighborhoods in Sarajevo daily. Nearly every day, people knock on Caki’s door or call his cell phone to report a dog in need. Often these are dogs who need extensive veterinary attention to repair their bodies, and because Caki’s greatest form of currency comes in the form of simple kindness, he relies on other animal lovers to help with those costs.

Many of the dogs Caki rescues in Sarajevo are up for international adoption and can be found on his Facebook page  To learn more about his work, click here.


Caki shares a moment with several of the dogs he has rescued.


France Ruch
France Ruch1 years ago

I know Caki, he is a great man

Genesis Merano
Genesis Merano1 years ago

I am happy reading stories of people like you who work tirelessly to bring hope to animals like Snow White and thankful that she is in good hands. May you be blessed many times for your kindness and your dedication.

sheila bussue
sheila bussue1 years ago

I thank god for people like caki,,when you know of the cruelty in the world,caki stands among the heroes,thank you caki,for little snow white and all the others you save ..bless

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedl1 years ago

So glad precious Snow White´s been rescued, I think she´ll be adopted in a blink of an eye (if she hasn´t been adopted yet)!!!

Anne maclean
Anne maclean1 years ago

It's so good to read about a wonderful, kind and caring person rather than the never-ending cruelty humans usually inflict on defenceless animals. How could anybody throw a beautiful, sweet dog like Snow White onto the streets in the freezing cold? But
they do!
Thank you so much Caki for saving all these darling dogs and thank you to all the activists and caring people who show such love and dedication.

Dorothy Chamberlain

We need more people like Caki in this world.

Fi T.
Past Member 1 years ago

LEt's work for more happy endings

Teresa Antela
Teresa A1 years ago

Great news.

Christine J.
Christine J1 years ago

Hard to say who is more gorgeous, Snow White or her knight in shining armour.

RICKY S1 years ago