Social Security Turns 77 As Romney-Ryan Stump For Its Demise

Today marks the 77th anniversary of Social Security, a program relied on by 21,581,154 women across the country. And if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have their way, the hugely successful program won’t live to see 78.

That’s despite the fact that the program remains among the most popular with almost all voters. “Social security is one of America’s greatest promises,” said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List. “Women all over the country have earned those benefits and rely on them throughout retirement. EMILY’s List is proud of the role our Democratic women in Congress have played in protecting this critical program, and it’s shocking that after such success, Republicans are trying to dismantle it. From cradle to grave, Republicans are waging a war on the services that American women need to take care of themselves and their families. That’s why women voters are going to support Democrats, and in particular our Democratic women candidates who have traditionally been the champions of vital programs like social security.”

EMILY’s List commissioned a poll of independent women in battleground states and found that Republican proposals to cut social security while giving tax breaks to millionaires were deeply unpopular – including among younger women far from retirement age who are well-educated about what a future with diminished social security would mean for them. 65% of independent women found this a convincing reason to vote against Republicans running for Congress.

These findings were the result of telephone surveys conducted by professional interviewers that reached out to 950 likely independent female voters across 13 EMILY’s List battleground states:  Arizona (where 427,737 women rely on social security), Nevada (156,337), New Mexico (135,781), Connecticut (270,933), Massachusetts (470,498), Wisconsin (431,948), Minnesota (368,485), Iowa (249,276), Missouri (449,194), Ohio (853,508), Michigan (753,776), Pennsylvania (1,071,716), and Florida (1,569,565).

More than 21 million American women rely on this earned benefit to help them through retirement. We need more women in office who are standing up for programs that help women and families – and not Paul Ryan, who thinks it’s a ponzi scheme despite the fact that it was his Social Security survivor benefits he received after the death of his father that made his education and career possible.

Social Security represents the best of this nation’s ideals and an expression of the social contract at work. When politicians undermine those ideals, even simply to score political points and retain power, it cheapens the value of that promise. Our seniors and our dependent children deserve to have their basic needs met in this country. Putting those needs in the hands of corporate interests whose only purpose is to profit of their case, which is what the Romney-Ryan ticket would do is a renunciation of that spirit of equality in favor of an embrace of cynicism and greed. And if there are two words that best sum up the Romney-Ryan ticket, they are cynicism and greed.

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Aileen C.
AILEEN C5 years ago

Anyone notived how Romney has a look of Robert Pattinson the Vampire Actor?

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

Remember to VOTE in November.

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

Stanley B you are right! It is really amazing.

This same bunch of miscreants lied the nation into war yet millions of gullible "followers" are ready to allow them to do it again.

I used to think poorly of the 1930s German citizens for allowing themselves to be used by the Nazis as they were. But now I better understand how it happened. Millions of Germans didn't buy into the lies but watched helplessly as the Fascists gained more power by the day.

Stanley B.
Stanley Balgobin5 years ago

There are some really amazing brainwashed chumps on this blog. Remember," weapons of mass destruction" Bush/Cheney lies. These same chumps defended invading Iraq, cost the US taxpayer $ 3.9Trillion thus far and counting. AFGHANISTAN another warmonger doosey took a further $2.85Trillion from our Social Security fund. Bush raided the poor to extend tax cuts for the rich. Now they're at it again, and the same wankers are out spewing their crap with impunity. Don't you people get it? GOP=Corporate interests. The KOCHroach brothers $100million campaign pledge got Ryan in as VP pick. Let Obama romp home in 2012, take back the house as well and let's move the USA forward.

Alex H.
Alex H5 years ago

Every civilised country needs a safety net for the poor,the needy and the deprived,otherwise not only adults suffer but what about the children who find themselves in such a condition through no fault of their own?What do the Republicans want,to step over beggars in the gutter as they leave their nice homes to go their cushy jobs?!Have a look around the world and see what sort of awful societies exist where there is no government social security financial assistance!Who wants to live with anarchy and massive crime carried out by the desperate just in order to survive?!

Judy M.
Judy mahaffey5 years ago

How many of you are on advantage healthcare plan? Well kiss it good-by after you reelect obama, its scheduled for the chopping block, after 11/6/2012, as well as medicare raped of $700 billion to finance obamacare, (obama admitted this) and social security as the democrats continue to rape it.

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance5 years ago

Rmoney/Ryan want to push Grandma off a cliff in her wheelchair when it comes to healthcare! Is there any doubt that they want to push the aging social security over the same cliff?

Listen to Senator Bernie Sanders about healthcare and social security. He knows and talks the truth. Rmoney/Ryan don't want to know the truth because it would iterfere with their 'Profits before People' platform. Too, they flip-flop on so many issues that Rmoney/Ryan are incapable of knowing the truth, even if it bit them on the ass!

Joy Wong
Joy W5 years ago

Noted, thanks.

Beverly Morgan
Past Member 5 years ago

Any way the GOP can fleece the citizens that brought them to power they will try. All they're thinking about is how to pull one thing after another over our eyes so they can make money. I have worked and contributed to the SS system for almost 40 years. I am a single mom who has raised a wonderful son on my own without child support or help from any program. I have earned the right to retire in a few years and collect the benefits I have earned and am entitled too. And I'm not losing my Social Security without a hell of a fight.

Pamela Tracy
Pamela Tracy5 years ago

Actually my mother who died in 1999 got medicare....and maybe some other woman by my name gets medicare but i do not....and we have to admit that medicare has been defrauded by the system...we as consumers should not have let that take place.....but since i was not medicare age ....when my mom was in a nursing home I was shocked at how much her monthly bill was..and i am sure there was some padding there for the amount of care that she got....hardly none...I ended up cutting her fingernails and she needed her toenails cut and they would not cut her toenails...for $4,000 a month???????

don't put your families in places where you cannot audit and make sure you tell them that you would want to peruse your bills closely every month...then see how willing they are to have your family $4,000 a month my mom even bought her own kleenex and her own lotion and a few other things....

So, I opted to stay with my private insurance when I retired...I do not have B,D,or D, because my insurance offered the same so why take Medicare????? If you dont have to dont.....altho I paid into Medicare all of my my jobs.

The govt is strangled by the system and you cannot tell me that medicare could not have been handled better.....of course if you are running a medicare program for the govt and someone threatens you if you expose all would be surprised the number of program managers that would cave in........

Americans are being threatened by th