Spray-On Stem Cells Speed Healing Process For Burn Victims

An experimental stem cell treatment is helping to speed up the healing process for burn victims, according to researchers at the University of Utah.

We’ve all heard of spray-on tans, and (ahem) clothing, but now the same principle of instant-application is being used to provide a speedy recovery process for those that are suffering from serious burns.

In clinical trials, surgeons Amit Patel and Amalia Cochran are testing “a concentrate of [the patient's own] platelets and progenitor cells with calcium and thrombin to create a Jello-like substance accelerates the healing process” (Gizmodo).

Popular Science reports that “in tests, the spray has proven effective in the treatment of small burns and seems to improve the likelihood that a skin graft will take, which could carry positive implications for the application of this technology to other types of transplants.”

Watch a video clip about the project on KSL.com

A similar treatment, called ReCell, is already being used in Australia, Europe and China and made headlines when it was used to treat of victims of a 2002 bombing in Bali.

So far, the spray-on treatment is only being used on patients with small burns, but the researchers hope that someday they maybe able to scale up the process to treat those who sustain burns on large areas of their body, like military personnel or people that have been caught in a house fire.

Image Credit: Avita Medical


Jane Mckenzie
Jane Mckenzie5 years ago

how can anyone argue against this?

Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra5 years ago

Thank you Beth, for Sharing this!

clark d.
Clark draper5 years ago

Check this out it was aired on NationalGeographic last year its already being dthe U.S. as well It is amazing

httpone here in ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXO_ApjKPaI

clark d.
Clark draper5 years ago

I am hoping this will let me paste this link to you tube if not this is already being used here in the United States it was aired last year on NationalGeographic T.V. It is amazing and seems like such a simple process. And it may be a little graphic for some to see. just copy and paste it will take you straight to the video.


Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

Amazing. What a help this will be for burn victims.

Hartson D.
Hartson Doak7 years ago

There are now 2 processes for growing replacement teeth, one at Columbia University in the US and the second in England at Cambridge University. Now all we have to do is find who is doing it and how much it costs. I'll bet the ADA doesn't like it, no more mercury amalgam fillings.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M7 years ago

Praying this works for burn victims!, and now I know how important it is to keep stem cells.

Empress Ginger
Ginger Strivelli7 years ago

Anything that helps burn victims heal faster and hurt less is a great thing.

Nita Smith
Nita Smith7 years ago

I agree with Dan and can't wait for it to take off big time. Then all those poor innocent animals who have been all alone in laboritories and experimented on will not have to endure such barbaric treatment again.

Sue H.
Sue H7 years ago

Fantastic news!