“Stampede” To Get Housing Vouchers Causes Minor Injuries

How tight has government assistance become for low income Americans?  So tight that a chance to get onto a waiting list for 100 housing vouchers turned into a “stampede” as 5000 in Dallas vied for just 100 spots.  Waiting all night in line used to be for concert tickets and sporting events, but in Texas, that was what many did in order to obtain even a small shot at receiving a voucher that could assist their families with unaffordable rental costs.

The Dallas News reports that once the 5000 were told to start a line for the vouchers, “a frantic rush ensued — the latest sign of people’s desperation for help in tough times. There were no serious injuries, but video footage of the chaos received national attention.”

Despite the scrum to get one of the 100 waiting list spots, there is still no guarantee any who showed up will get help anytime soon.  The paper states that, “This was the first time Dallas County had opened its waiting list since 2006, and applicants may have to wait at least two years to actually receive vouchers.”

Rental assistance is at a premium all over the country as housing costs have risen out of control.  Yet, at the same time, there are thousands of homeowners willing to turn over properties but who are too far underwater to ever be approved to sell, and tens of thousands of other houses sitting empty due to foreclosure.

Empty houses, and people desperate for places to live that are affordable.  How can no one come up with a solution to put the two together?

(Via Think Progress)
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SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

These are difficult economic times for the masses, and unfortunately, the people we made rich/richer do not want to give back a little of what we helped them achieve. I only started understanding the purpose of government assistance recently but haven't applied b/c I moved a lot recently and it seems too difficult for a someone who moved between states to get. However, I do believe it is a necessity for most of the people who are receiving govt. assistance especially now. There may be a very small percentage of "lazy" people who should not be receiving this assistance, but again, that number is small. If you want to complain about taxpayer dollars going to waste, consider the difference in the amount we pay to have military overseas in European and Asian vacation spots instead of the teeny-tiny fraction of the budget that goes to social help programs desperately needed by our own citizens.

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

No, we don't all have the same privileges or same opportunities. Per the U.S. Constitution, or is it the BILL OF RIGHTS, we are guarnateed the RIGHT to pursue these things. Some people have more of a gift to screw the system than others. Sorry, no disrespect meant to anyone who truly is in need of help and deserves it, but I'm frustrated beyond belief and annoyed at those that I DO know personally who have been sitting on the arses for years, not just weeks, leaching off the taxpayers dollars and getting food stamps, rental assistance, child care, medical care, welfare, and you name it. Catt R, WHO works for $2/hr? Minimum Wage in Washington State is $9/hour and that's not shabby. I worked for far less than that when I was raising my two teenage kids, had a mortgage, car payment, dogs and cats to feed, utilities to pay, and couldn't GET welfare unless I sold my house(let it go) and gave up my car). Food stamps? Nope.

Mary Johnston
Mary Johnston6 years ago

It's amazing how many people here assume that anyone who lives below the poverty line is a lazy good-for-nothing. My husband both work and I go to school full time. Until they raised the minimum wage..and therefore every price for food, gas, etc,...we were doing pretty well. We have never been well off, but we had money in the bank. Once the minimum wage went up, so did prices. That made the poverty line go up because what good is a higher minimum wage if everything is more expensive? Plus those of us who are making minimum wage don't get bumped up more, except to minimum wage if we aren't there yet. Don't classify us as lazy. I would love to have extra money, but I have enough to pay my bills and put a roof over our heads. That's a lot more than others have. Don't judge someone unless you know them.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Haha John H.," Patrick F. Catt R. and others on this site that just blame republicans..."

"Glenn M.
everything you said was the fault of the democrats."

Circles John, circles

You are right about one thing though, it is not the fault of either or, it's both their fault but not even close to 50/50...more like D10/R75/P15, P meaning the people.

The people should NOT have to read the government, the government should be reading the people, that is what they get paid for.

john hall
john hall6 years ago

Patrick F. Catt R. and others on this site that just blame republicans please get your head out of your asses your own party has had a hand in screwing the american people or are you do dam stupid to understand this .

Helen C. K.
Helen C. K6 years ago

I can see a new reality TV show in the works. Now if they would only put that much effort into bettering themselves so they wouldn’t be in that predicament. Phillip

Do you think that if only the poor would try harder, they wouldn't be poor/Do you think that if only the middle class would try harder, they would become well to do? Is there room for all at the top? All folks need to do is try harder to reach financial success?

If so. what leads you to that conclusion?

Helen C. K.
Helen C. K6 years ago

Interesting that you say we all have the same opportunities here in America, I would agree with you except for the fact that we do NOT....... Catt R

No, let me clarify. I specifically worded it to take into account individual opportunities being behind degrees of financial success, thus the progressive tax is less on less financial success and more on greater financial success. No way do I believe opportunities are the same for all in this country. Horrors lol. But much more opportunity for everyone here than in 3rd world countries

Helen C. K.
Helen C. K6 years ago

This is just the start. With the Republican class war in full gear, food lines will increase, food stamps are already at a historical high....Glenn M

Let me clarify. Number of food stamp beneficiaries is at an all time high. Benefit level for individual recipients has just been cut 12.5 percent, just when food prices are rising substantially.

Helen C. K.
Helen C. K6 years ago

Elizabeth K Yes, I am a new member. I didn't know there was such a thing as a profile. Now that you have told me, I'll pursue the matter. I also didn't know there was a size limit. I originally posted a large portion of jefferey's post I was disagreeing with, to make it clear what my disagreement was with what he said. Twice I tried to post his post and my reply, and my reply was cut off in the middle. Only on my third try, cutting out the text I was replying to, was my whole message disagreeing with jeffery actually posted. Sorry for the confusion I caused with my first and second attempts. I was strongly disagreeing with jeffery as to motives of those who objected that tax breaks for the wealthy were based on petty envy and class warfare. I don't have any idea who Diane O is. From now on I'll skip quotes of the messages I am trying to disagree with, starting with yours. I am very sorry I totally misled you and the rest of those who were trying to make sense of my messages. Please accept my apologies. I'll be happy to provide a profile as soon as I learn how to do so and what information a profile should contain.

Philip S.
Philip S6 years ago

I can see a new reality TV show in the works. Now if they would only put that much effort into bettering themselves so they wouldn’t be in that predicament.