Stay Informed With LIVE Coverage Of May Day General Strike!

May Day is finally here!

Around the nation, marches, teach-ins, protests, speeches, and demonstrations are already taking place! The revolution will most likely not be televised, since we know that major media outlets are pawns of the 1%. Thanks to Mediaforthe99Percent, however, you can learn the truth about today’s events from reporters on the ground in cities around the country.

No matter where you are, use the tools below to stay informed and up to date on the real action.

Map of May Day General Strike Actions (click to interact):

Live stream:

You can also stay in touch with the action by following @OccupyGenStrk and @OccupyGenStrike on Twitter, as well as these hashtags: #M1GS#GeneralStrike#MayDay.

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Journalists from over 25 leading independent media outlets report on May Day actions nationwide. Welcome to media for the 99%.

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On May 1, immigration, labor, and occupy activists across the country will take to the streets to attempt a general strike in protest of anti-immigration legislation, economic inequality, and unfair labor practices.
Occupy Prepares for May Day: No Work, No School, No Banking | The NationOccupy Prepares for May Day: No Work, No School, No Banking | The Nation
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Scott Tucker: May Day 2012: The Call for a General Strike – TruthdigIn the winter of 2011, discussion about calling a general strike had already begun within Occupy Los Angeles. At the end of January 2012,…
”On the first of May, the Occupy Wall Street movement hopes to leverage the labor holiday known as May Day and muster enough people power to blockade the Golden Gate Bridge—assuming, that is, that striking bridge workers take the lead. ‘We can’t do an action for them; we have to do the action with them,’ says Lauren Smith, a spokeswoman for Occupy Oakland.” – Mother Jones
Occupy Aching for a May Day ComebackOn the first of May, the Occupy Wall Street movement hopes to leverage the labor holiday known as May Day and muster enough people power …
The fight for labor rights and income equality has reentered mainstream awareness after the Occupy Wall Street movement started last fall, but the origin of the 99 percent’s struggle goes back to the 18th century:
Behind May Day, a centuries-long struggle for worker rights | Free Speech Radio NewsWhether among New York City’s car washers or workers in cities across the country, the gap between labor and bosses, workers and those wh…

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Billie C.
Billie C5 years ago

ows is back to ruining public property. just what the tax paying public needs. thanks so much. why don't they just pack it in? their idea of helping the 99% is to cost us more? their creditability is shot and they are nothing more than thugs. go away ows.

Lynda Paradis
Lynda Paradis5 years ago

It saddens me that protesters resort to vandalism to force attention to the plight of the 99%.
This does nothing more than draw negative attention. It also results in extra costs in policing and repairs. Inevitably we are all paying for a day of confusion .

David Nuttle
Past Member 5 years ago

A strike action, for a single day or several days, will do little to change the attitudes and pattern of greed/ corruption established by big bankers, Big Oil, and others who abuse the public and the public trust. Sustained and effective protest must include actions that damage the profit making potential of the abusers. For one example, a person moving all their funds from a big bank to a community S&L (Savings & Loan) is making an effective protest. As another example of protest, a person who stops driving to work and rides their bicycle may not get the attention of Big Oil ... but if enough persons join the protest, a protest is made that will be noticed. There are many more such examples, but you get the idea.