Stop KFC From Destroying Our Forests!

Heart failure? Morbid obesity? Pancreatic cancer? Tainted beef? Fecal soda? Animal abuse? Factory farming? Polluted waterways?

Among all the potential health and environmental hazards generated by the fast food empire, its encouragement of a “throw-away” lifestyle has probably been the most detrimental.

The packaging utilized by this industry symbolizes the disposable society we have become. Our fast food lifestyle is literally burying us in an avalanche of excessive packaging and waste. Every year millions of pounds of food packaging waste litter our roadways, clog our landfills and spoil our quality of life. But more than litter, today’s fast food packaging is destroying our forests.

Some troubling facts:

  • 300 pounds of packaging waste are generated each year for each person in the United States.
  • 32% of the entire domestic waste stream consists of containers and packaging.
  • Recent surveys show that fast-food packaging makes up about 20 percent of all litter, with packaging for chip bags, drink containers, candy wrappers and other snacks comprising another 20 percent.
  • Dumping packaging in landfills ultimately results in the release of millions of pounds of greenhouse gases as the paper rots.

Tell fast food companies our forests are too precious to be wasted for packaging!

To meet the fast food industry’s enourmous demand for paper packaging, 43 million of acres of forests have been converted into sterile, row-crop like pine plantations — a poor biological substitute for the rich diversity of of natural forests.

The Southern United States remains the worlds’ largest paper producing region. The mills that produce paper products in this region have a tremendous impact on our forests. Every year millions of acres of the South’s forests are clearcut to feed the pulp and paper industry.

To fight this gross misuse of our biologically diverse and beautiful forests, Care2 has teamed up with the Dogwood Alliance to target fast food purveyors in the South that are contributing to the destuction of their own communities.

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s paper packaging is directly contributing to the destruction of America’s Southern forests. While other fast food chains are working to ensure that their paper packaging is not coming from the world’s endangered forests, KFC continues to make its famous buckets from the few remaining special places in the Southern U.S.

KFC buys from International Paper, a company notorious for “business as usual” destructive forest management practices like large-scale clearcutting, conversion of natural forests to plantations and reliance on toxic chemicals in forest management.

Despite repeated attempts to engage KFC in discussions, the President has refused to match his espoused values with the company’s iconic packaging.

Sign the petition and let the President of KFC know that Southern forests are too precious to be wasted for packaging!

Image Credit: Flickr - pamelaadam


Marigold A
Past Member 1 years ago

Stop patronizing them. No demand = no supply. Simple.

William C
William C1 years ago


W. C
W. C1 years ago

Thank you for caring.

Наташа .

I used to eat there till I found out what cruel company KFC is. And I said to me "Never again". And I keep this promise and I will nevere eat there again!

Sheri P.
Sheri P8 years ago

Distressing! I am a vegetarian so do not eat at KFC. But if even I did eat meat, I would still not eat at KFC. I try not to eat at any fast food restaurants and try to limit the packaged foods I buy in the grocery store.

Ingrid James
Ingrid James8 years ago

great to see that young kids are taking action and shame on kfc for "buying them off" with a coupon for their next meal of abused and tortured chickens.

Don Go
Don Go8 years ago

....D: I am a slave to my mortal desires. I still want KFC. D:

It's a family thing. DAMN. I'm so torn.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M8 years ago

Thanks for this Beth. Already signed, but heading over to Dogwood Alliance now.

Mikaila H.
Mikaila H8 years ago

I only eat from one take aways given the chance - BurgerFuel. They do vegetarian and gluten free gourmet burgers. All of their packaging is recycled, and their produce is from local sources, the trucks used to collect this produce is run on the waste oil for frying chips. They are brilliant and what's more, the burgers are the best I've ever tasted. The grease on KFC and McDonalds food is so repulsive it can sometimes make me gag, where as BurgerFuel's food is mouth watering and fresh. Cooked right in front of you.

Christine S.

I don't eat at KFC, but I am appalled that they won't agree to this change in packaging that would spare so many trees.