Stop Putting Lipstick on Female Chauvanist Pigs

This week the House of Representatives passed a law that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The bill was introduced by Arizona Republican Trent Franks. But, after Franks pulled a Todd Akin and said that “the incidence of rape resulting from pregnancy is very low,” the House leadership decided that Franks wouldn’t be allowed to manage his own bill on the floor. Instead, that honor goes to anti-choice Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn.

Do you see what they did there? A male GOP lawmaker says something dumb and untrue about female reproduction, and how do they fix the situation? Just put a woman in charge! No one will notice how damaging this bill is to women’s rights if make the face of the bill a woman!

OK, but maybe she’s just the best person for this job. Baloney. Franks is on the House Judiciary Committee, where the bill originated. The leadership could have assigned this bill to someone else on the committee. But you know what? There are no Republican women on that committee. Hmmm…

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Remember the 2008 presidential election? Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton had an absolutely brutal primary fight. Obama won that fight, and a lot of Clinton supporters felt betrayed. John McCain needed to look at least a little modern. I mean, he was an old white man going up against the epitome of the American dream!  Put a woman on the ticket! Who cares if McCain put “women’s health” in derisive air quotes? We have Sarah Palin!

I see this a lot, both in politics as well as my personal life. More than once (too many times to count, in fact) I’ve been told that I’m overreacting when I express offense at gender-based insults and remarks. The offender finds one woman who doesn’t take offense and concludes that whatever was done is totally OK. Instead of listening to my problems as a person, they find another representative of my group to legitimize their behavior. It’s gross.

This is what the GOP is doing with this abortion bill. They are saying, Look! This woman is totally cool with having her reproductive freedom hideously restricted, so we can’t be anti-woman!

Except they totally can. Sadly, having a female body doesn’t make you immune from having really sexist attitudes. But the flip side of that is that men aren’t inherently misogynist. I felt like this fact was made very clear when we compared Palin and Joe Biden in the 2008 campaign.

Think about it? Who would you rather be an advocate for women, Joe Biden, advocate for victims of domestic violence, or Sarah Palin, who thinks abortion should be illegal in cases of rape and incest? The choice seems obvious.

Unless you’re thinking like a gender essentialist, that is. But you can’t think that way, and it’s insulting to find that at least some politicians think they can fool us.

That isn’t to say that women can’t have differing opinions on different topics. Women, like men, are a group of individuals with different priorities. Palin and Blackburn demonstrate this. But there is no sense in pretending that the positions they hold are inherently feminist, just like there is no sense in pretending that the Veep is inherently anti-feminist because of his gender.

Of course, I don’t know of anyone who is arguing this directly. But, when the GOP behaves in the way I’ve described, it seems to be their underlying assumption. If they can just find a woman to support their policies, that must mean that any woman who doesn’t support their policies is just being hysterical. It provides cover that – they hope – will distort how anti-woman they have become.

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of a Republican party that is more concerned with how their policies look than how their policies affect real people. Does the GOP really think that a coat of paint will fix the gender gap? Color me skeptical. We’re on to you.


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Jim V
Jim Ven9 months ago


Jerome S
Jerome S9 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia4 years ago

The shit that comes out of their mouths is so disgusting and completely misinforms the ignorant. Shame on them!

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill4 years ago

20 weeks is 5 months, if a woman can't make up her mind before then? By that time the baby is viable and could live on it's own. That is killing a baby by then!

Geoff P.
Past Member 4 years ago

That's right Suba G we don't want children having a bad life so lets kill them.Is that weird
or what.

Jason H.
Jason H.4 years ago

Rest of post below.

We need to tell our D's & R's in Congress to stop wasting our money, and help those around the world. I have no problem with government helping the poor, but the problem is, in America, so called poor people have big screen T.V.'S and many don't want to work. However, that's another topic.

To say that if it weren't for churches, we wouldn't have all these poor people is completely false. Look at Communist Russia before the Iron Curtain fell. Russia had become an atheist nation who did not value life, and abortion was rampant, which is why their population is rather low for such a large country. However, the churches were the ones fighting for the poor and hurting.

Jason H.
Jason H.4 years ago

Suba G.

Whether a conceived child is a baby or not does not negate the fact that a human being has been created, and is beginning to develop and form. That is the essential point as to why abortion/murder is wrong. It is actually quite simple. It has nothing to do with women's rights. That's what liberals/Democrats do to manipulate thinking. They throw out catch phrases like "The War on Women," which is totally unfounded and simply a fallacy argument. Instead of having a rational debate, they attack the messenger because it distracts from the essential truth. You do know that Planned Parenthood was created to genocide the black population. Look up the name Margaret Sanger. It is pretty disturbing. Also, the dozens of missionaries are just a drop in the bucket of the number of other missionaries/people fighting for the unborn. And yes, all the children of the world not just the unborn. Your comment about churches brainwashing people is strange. Are you saying that there is a secret meeting amongst churches where they get together and plan to brainwash the congregation. You can't speak for all churches. Of course there may be false prophets out there... Jesus warned us about them. But I know many people who are involved in ministry and have heard many sermons, and have never heard anyone say, "Have more children." Do you know that the U.S. government could feed every human being in the world if they wanted to. We need to tell our D's & R's in Congress to stop wasting ou

Kay M.
.4 years ago

Excellent article, great comments from most of the members, But it appears some use this as a forum for arguments, not comments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no matter your opinion, Facts are facts, and no one can make a truth out of a lie, and no matter how many times the repulsive teabaggers make their woman members get up on the stage and put other woman down, This is not right or just and they will be judged for that at the polls in 2014. Clean House in the Congress of all ill will , negative members ,who want to bring America to its knees. We will not let the Rebublicans and the money bags (Koch) and (Rove) and puppet master( Grover Norquist) who is not even an elected member of congress, he is just a leach hanger on. who is sucking all of the life from our politicians. get away with selling out our country......period.

Angela Roquemore
Angela Roquemore4 years ago

Po;iticians, regardless of party, re totally lacking in COMMON SENSE.

Sylvia B.
Sylvia B4 years ago

The Tea Party Republicans are simply using the patriachal female-on-female bullying that has gone on for centuries to push their twisted agendas. It is good that more people are aware of it, so we can do someothing about it. Sadly, we may not get to enjoy that result in this lifetime.