Student Faces Deportation Tomorrow: Take Action!

Nadia Habib is a junior†honor student majoring in psychology at Stony Brook University in New York. She is supposed to be deported tomorrow, September 29, at 11:00 am with her mother, Nazmin Habib, back to Bangladesh.

Nadia came to the US when she was 20 months old with her mother. †Her Bangladeshi father drives a cab in Queens and has a green card; she has three younger siblings who were all born in the US. It was only in her senior year at Bronx High School of Science that Nadia learned she was undocumented. Nazmin Habib has been trying for the past decade to reopen their asylum case, to no avail: On September 10, they received a letter from†Immigration and Customs Enforcement saying that will be deported.†As Nadia said to the New York Daily News:

“If we have to leave I’d be leaving my three siblings, my father and my entire life,” Habib said. “It would mean losing a lot, everything basically, of what we have.”

“I don’t even know if I were to go back what I would do – I can’t even speak the language,” said Habib. “My mom’s just scared.”

Nadia also told CBS News that they have to report to the authorities with 50 pounds of baggage each and their passports or they will be detained.

Under the DREAM Act — according to which undocumented students brought to the US as children would not be considered for deportation –†Nadia and her mother would be able to stay in the US.

Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand (D-NY.), and†the New York State Youth Leadership Council (a student group advocating for undocumented youth) have appealed to the†Immigration and Customs Enforcement on behalf of Nadia and students at Stony Brook have launched a Facebook campaign in support.

The looming deportation for Nadia and Nazmin Habib coincides with a time when the Obama administration has promised to take a tougher stance on deporting immigrants who have committed crimes in the US. As†Hunter College student Sonia Guinansaca, who works with the New York State Youth Leadership Council, says, “Although Obama has promised not to be going after non-criminal cases,†heís going after Nadia and her mom.” Indeed, the reasons for not deporting Nadia and Nazmin Habib are ample as Mike Riggs at Reason: Hit & Run writes:

under President Barack Obama’s softer deportation policy, Habib and her mother shouldn’t need an army of sympathizers to stay in the U.S. Immigration officials now have additional “prosecutorial discretion” in determining who to deport. That phrase means ICE officials will not be punished for deprioritizing undocumented workers who have family in the U.S., hold down good jobs, or are in school, but are technically in violation of U.S. immigration law.

Nadia Habib is exactly the sort of young person who will make a contribution to this country; who is already doing so.†It is later than the eleventh hour, but please take action to tell President Obama and†Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Nadia and Nazmin Habib more than deserve to stay in the US and to have their asylum case reviewed.

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Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush6 years ago

Our immigration laws are outdated, immature, and lack responsibility. Many factors should be taken into considertion.
In this particular case, seperating a family is not in our, or any other countries' interest.

We are a country of immigrants, with the exception of the American Indian, which WE immigrants, exceedingly, tried to destroy.
Diversity is what made our country great in the first place. We appear, to have short memories.

Vince D.
Vince D6 years ago

Yeah, Jay, I read the article. Sending back the Bangladeshis probably won't solve the problems there, I doubt there are that many illegals from that country.

The lion's share of our illegals are from Mexico. A sensible DREAM act as I posted would solve that problem while getting the kids an education, and would also send them back in numbers that would shake up their society in a very good way.

Heard of the "Arab Spring"? Think Latin American Spring!

Jay Hem
Immigrant I AM6 years ago

Ay Vince did you read the article?? Shes going back to Bangladesh not to Mexico...

Vince D.
Vince D6 years ago

Here is what the DREAM Act should say, if it was truly intended to show compassion for kids who were smuggled here by their parents:

1) Any illegal alien who is in school could be granted a student visa provided the following conditions are met:
a. They register
b. Their parents voluntarily leave and permanently forfeit any future opportunity to immigrate.
c. The student agrees to leave upon graduation or cessation of studies.
d. A GPA requirement is enforced.
e. The (student/parents/home country or private sponsors) are responsible for ALL expenses. No work permit will be issued.
f. The student is not eligible for ANY path to citizenship for 5 years after returning to the home country. No marriage visas, anchor baby etc.
g. Full biometrics must be taken of the student AND the parents.
h. If under 18, a LEGAL resident must be identified as the guardian.
i. The parents must identify their employers for at least the previous 5 years.
2) STRICT border and interior enforcement MUST be included to prevent more illegals from coming. Think the SAVE Act and ending birthright citizenship.
OK, this would help the poor innocent students who were brought here. They would get their education, and should do quite well back home with that education. They would also be eligible to come here in the future. Maybe they would make Mexico a better place to live! The parents would not be rewarded.

This is compassion without stupidity.

The DREAM Act was a mass amnesty di

Margaret C.
Margaret C6 years ago

Everyone is spouting such nastiness! Try putting yourself in this family's place.

Nadia wasn't even 2 years old when she and her mother arrived here, she doesn't know the first thing about life in Bangladesh or even the language. Her mother came here, like most women from other countries, after her husband told her to, believing in him and thinking he had taken care of things. Do you really think she would have had more babies knowing that one day she would have to leave them and her husband behind, and a way of life she has gotten used to?!

My thing is where is the checks and balances? Who dropped the ball? Why does this country allow people to come here, let them stay for 20 years, then decide to turn them out?! Separating families again - very reminiscent of slave times. Another government (immigration) fiasco where again workers don't take their jobs seriously or could care less about who is hurt/affected by their laziness!

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

@ Mike C...cont...
11. "Hope and change"...yes, we all hope that you would simply "go away".
12. How can you tell Mike? Your head has been up your behinder already for years?

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

@ Mike C...cont...Death row inmates should be assessed on a case by case basis. If without a shadow of a doubt someone is guilty, then why carry it out...but as we've seen, many have been found not guilty.
7. Not necessarily so...but this isn't what this article is about. We're talking about "1" girl here. I'm a democrat who believes illegals shouldn't receive "ANY" benefits, especially if they have committed violent crimes, robberies, gang members or drug trafficking. But in the case of this girl, it was beyond her control for many years. She doesn't even speak her native language. Again, we need to look at the individual.
8. Again being melodramatic and extreme. People like you need to realize the pendulum swings both ways and that someday YOUR DAY WILL COME! Catastrophic illness could take away EVERYTHING...your job, health insurance (if you reach your cap), home, etc. Then you might need that gov't assistance that your so against. I doubt very highly that your family, friends and church would be able to dig up enough to pay of hundreds of thousands in medical expenses, plus keep your mortgage/rent and daily living expenses. And don't tell me that you would simply "lay down and die". You would be plenty scared and begging for help!
9. You mean like yourself? Or just because they don't vote your way?!?
10. It's more than just a beetle or gopher. Look what happened in the gulf and other area's!
11. "Hope and change"...yes, we all hope that you would simp

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

@ Mike C. responding in order to your post:

1. 4% on top of the already exorbitant profits is obscene, they earn billions. I think your stretching it with 15%.
2. The gov't doesn't want all your g-damned money...just for you to pay what's your fair share.
3. So if someone calls you a ignorant idiotic jackass you wouldn't be offended?
4. Yes, one person shoots the bad guy or someone else, they shoot back, you then shoot and the circle never ends. I don't object to guns...I would be even willing to learn how to use one, I'm just against these large assault rifles and guns with the 33-bullet(?) magazine clips on them. Nobody needs that many bullets and they should be made available to the general public.
5. Obviously you don't know when it's going to rain either...or that the polar cap is really melting, if you've watched the news or looked at satellite pics of the earth from space. I'm sure you have this "well, as long as the earth doesn't go to hell in my lifetime, who cares about future generations". I could care less if you choose or anyone chooses to drive a Prius. I choose not to own one. Think you were being a tad melodramatic there.
6. Each circumstance has to be weight out. Not all democrats are "pro-abortion" or against the death penalty. If a mothers health is in danger, or it's incest or rape and the mother makes the decision within the 1st month, then I say go for it. If she waits past the 1st trimester, she waiting too long and should keep it.

Ernest R.
Ernest R6 years ago

A child is not to blame for the transgressions of her parents. Neither are we. Good luck Nazmin in your new life and good luck with the religion of peace and love.

Ernest R.
Ernest R6 years ago

@ Lilithe M. Correct. “cruel thief” is more like the truth. The illegal alien concept had not yet appeared at the time. However “Hispanic” includes Spanish. The conquistadors were thieves quite as cruel as anyone from Northern Europe. I agree that showing humanity to First Nations people is long overdue. I personally cut them more slack for their transgressions than I do for anyone elses, perhaps more than I should.