SUCCESS! Care2 Increases Bovine Visibility, Becomes CareMoo For a Day

Elizabeth “Bessie” Sharp-McCall, a Holstein living in California’s Central Valley, has been surfing the web since she was a calf. She’s also a loyal Care2 member — she’s been an active part of our comoonity since her pasture was outfitted with wi-fi in 2006. Though she loved the opportunities that Care2 gave her to take action and make a difference, there was one thing she began to notice: we just didn’t have a lot of blogs and petitions about cows. So she did what many of our members do every single day: she created a petition to ask us to increase cow visibility on the Care2 site.

When we first saw the petition, we were surprised. “But Bessie,” we thought, “We have plenty of cow visibility on Care2! We have petitions to help make sure dairy cows abroad in the United Kingdom are healthy and happy. We had the latest breaking news on Yvonne the runaway cow in Bavaria. We even have cute videos of a cow who just wants a kiss! What more do you want from us, dude?”

The more we thought about it, though, the more we realized: for a cow, that’s just not a lot of love. Here at Care2, we’re always trying to see from others’ perspectives — to walk in someone else’s hoofprints, if you will. So we started thinking about how lonely it must be for cows to sign petitions and read stories about other animals all the time. We thought about how much effort it must have taken Bessie to slowly type out a petition on a keyboard meant for opposable thumbs. Cows have four stomachs, but they’ve only got one heart — and Bessie’s heart must have been aching pretty badly.

No, we thought. A petition and story here and there just wouldn’t be enough. If Bessie wanted us to increase cow visibility on Care2, then increase it we would — in fact, we’d turn the whole site into CareMoo for the day!

So here we are. Welcome to CareMoo! We’ve got tons of stories about cows — from 8 Great Facts About Cows to 10 Famous Cows to Inspire You.. You can also check out our “CareMoo” tag on Causes for even more!

And be sure to check out the petition that we started in honor of Bessie and cows like her, which is asking the USDA to extend the Animal Welfare Act to cover farm animals. Bessie’s owner, Farmer Joe, believes in free-range farming, but not every cow is so lucky. If you’d like to make sure that all cows (and chickens, pigs, sheep and goats) enjoy federal legal protection, please sign our CareMoo petition here.

Thanks so much for joining in on the fun of the CareMoo commoonity! We hope this proves that when members speak, we listen. Even if what they’re saying sounds a lot like — well, you know. A lot like moo.

(Ed. note: Happy April Fool’s Day! Just for today, we’ve turned the site into CareMoo. Though Bessie and her story are part of our April Fool’s Day prank, the stories and issues we’ve mentioned are very real. If you care about Bessie and other farm animals like her, please read, sign and share!)



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Thank you

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Good stuff!

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Thanks for sharing.

Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

CareMoo sounds cute :) Petition signed.

Lynn Carin LadySeastar
Lynn Carin4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this! Signed the Petition on behalf of the cows! May there come a day when they don't have to suffer as I've seen many videos in which they do - this needs to stop. So, I appreciate and hope this will help them greatly.

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Awesome News! :)

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