Success! Care2 Petition Spares Sheep From Cruel UK Race

Lambentations is a UK-based organization dedicated to abolishing the cruel “sport” of sheep racing. This event involves outfitting sheep with racing uniforms and then strapping stuffed animal “jockeys” on their backs, while people place bets on the races.

A sheep dog round ups the sheep, and then the animals race through streets and fields to the cheers of a large crowd of spectators. The first sheep to reach the finish line wins.

This practice is cruel and unnecessary. Sheep are timid animals who scare easily, and they’re not ours for entertainment.

When Lambentations learned that the small town of Market Bosworth in Leicestershire was planning to host such a race at their Country Show on July 1, the group immediately created a Care2 petition, determined to stop this cruelty. 

Lambentations had reason to be hopeful, since they had previously created seven Care2 petitions, canceling six sheep races and one pig race.

The organization was also encouraged when a local newspaper picked up the story and created a poll: “Should This Sheep Race Be Cancelled?” The press gave Care2 members yet another way to express their opinion.

Care2 Success! 

Here’s what Lambentations posted on Facebook last week:

Market Bosworth Country Show have cancelled their planned sheep race on 1st July. Lambentations’ petition obtained over 90,000 signatures. The show have cited ‘public safety reasons’ – whatever that means! This is Lambentations’s eighth victory! A huge thank you to all who signed and shared.

Care2 is excited to celebrate the seventh cancelation of a sheep race in the UK and an end to unnecessary animal cruelty.

Congratulations to Care2 member Samantha Francis, who founded Lambentations, along with her husband Joshua, and has been especially active in this campaign.

Francis first created a Care2 petition when she saw a sign advertising a sheep racing event to be held in Woodditton, a town close to her home.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” says Francis. “I had no idea it existed. It’s cruel and completely unnecessary to race sheep. They’re quiet and timid creatures and making them race is a very unnatural thing to do.”

So Francis started her own Care2 petition, asking the parish council of St. Mary’s Church, Woodditton, to cancel their sheep race on July 9, 2017.

Francis was thrilled when her petition garnered almost 60,000 signatures — and even more excited when the parish council decided to cancel their sheep race. She hasn’t stopped working to abolish sheep racing since then. You can see all seven of Lambentation’s successful Care2 petitions here.

Congratulations to Francis for all her hard work. Care2 petitions really do make a difference!

Take Action!

If you are concerned about an issue or want to raise awareness about an injustice, why not follow the example of Lambentations and Samantha Francis and create your own petition? Use these guidelines to get started and make your voice heard today! 


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