Success: Congress Passes Bipartisan Bill to Help Victims of Violence In Africa

In early May, Congress passed the historic Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act (S. 1067/H.R. 2478), calling on the Obama administration to lead international efforts aimed to protect civilians currently threatened by the brutal acts of the LRA.

For over a year, petitions circulated the Care2 site asking the U.S. Congress and President Obama to take action. Over 15,000 people added their names to petitions in hopes of bringing peace to Sudan.

Unfortunately, several people have already been killed as a result of the violence Joseph Kony and followers have imposed on the people of Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, southern Sudan, and the Central African Republic. As the crisis remains, even more innocent people are exposed to violence and recruited as child slaves and soldiers.

During this long period of suffering in Africa, citizens of the United States came together. People rallied in Washington, signed petitions and wrote letters for the victims who could not voice their own concerns for safety. As a result, Congress recognized the need to step in and help.

Thank you to all who signed petitions and raised awareness of this cause. It is important to remain supportive until President Obama signs the bill and enacts further protection. The fight will not be over until the brutality stops.

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Nese K.
Nese K.7 years ago

care2 is important.Petitions are important.Human rights and welfare the most....

N Kizil

Krista T.
Krista Tackett7 years ago

Thank you very much for the update. Yes I do often wonder the results of the petitions I sign and recently have started researching on the petition site for answers. Thanks CARE2 for caring to let me know.

Tamara S.
Tamara Safford7 years ago

a good friend and colleague recently reported that his nephew
who is married with children suffered from a severe theft,
violence in his compound in Abba, Nigeria. A machete came
down after a bullet wound in his leg....tough stuff happening,
so I am glad to learn of some work to help in this area of
violence in the world.

Ibolya Emese Andrasofszky

Nagyon örvendek,hogysikerül.

Sabboona O.
Sabboona O.7 years ago

my question is you guys look like care about african people between them probably you who are the oromoo being exterminate by man who's being supported by your goverment. the oromoo people are have orver 45000.000 poblation in east afarica. but I do not understand you guys talk about help the african people the reality is help make extermination of oromoo people shame about you system shame about obama's lies. when is talking the demoratization in africa sound well to true. we can understand your selfishsim but you must understand the oromoo people are human and the have a right to live in peace in their own country in oromiyaa. and other thing is your HR org. also They other criminal because They colaborating againest the oromoo refueges in kenya. somalia. yemen. as well cyprus. to kill the oromoo and tourturs and I forgot sudan anothers criminal omar al bashir. also participated in arrest and kill the oromoo refueges in sudand. in my opinion you guys not help african nations, but you doing clean africa for your own interest of the future. but some thing you don't know we oromoo will be ther to defend our country aganist you and the tyrany of Ethiopia. oromiyaa shall be free without you suppost help. oromiyaa biyya keenya nuti oromoon ishee iraati dumnaa malee namaf hin keeniinu. nutis human qabna kan diina keenya itti fixuu dandeenyu, nu beeka nuti oromoo dha kan ganfa africa keessa jiraanu, oromiyaan ni bilisoomti......

Pam W.
Pami W7 years ago

Thank God!

ana p.
ana p7 years ago

I'm very pleased,but i would like to have more information.
HOW exactly can the USA stop violence in africa?
What are the actions the US is going to take?

Alice W.
Alice W7 years ago

What is the US going to DO about this violence? More troops? Embargos? WHAT?

Ivpiter Z.
Ivpiter Z.7 years ago

Big Kiss from Ivpiter Zeys and All Gods of the Cosmos Foundation and by All Gods of the Cosmos (Panthois thois théois ton kosmon !...)

Ivpiter Z.
Ivpiter Z.7 years ago

I mean and all is begining well !... I mean : Allright sisters and brothers !... Thank you all !...