Success! Lion Is Off the Menu At Kansas Restaurant

Taste & See, a Latin-fusion restaurant in Wichita, Kansas, has cancelled plans to serve lion tonight as part of a special big-game tasting. Chef Jason Febres noted that pressure from animal-rights activists (including those of you who signed this Care2 petition) influenced his decision.

“We wish to note that the small percentage of people who genuinely and intelligently pleaded their case was what persuaded us to reconsider,” said Taste & See in a statement.

Taste & See did not disclose its supplier of lion meat, with Febres telling Bloomberg in an email that “due to the extreme response and threatening nature of some, I do not wish to subject anyone else to the barrage of anger that we have endured.”

The population of lions in Africa has been in steady decline for many years. Lion bones are used in traditional Asian medicine and demand for these has increased exports from South Africa to the East, adding to conservationists’ fears over trophy hunting for the big cats and to a further decrease in their numbers.

As Bloomberg details, while lion is off the Taste & See menu, there are plenty of other “exotic” animals still on it including kangaroo, Scottish hare, crocodile, alpaca, water buffalo, antelope and foie gras.

Earlier this year, California passed a law forbidding restaurants from serving foie gras, the livers of fattened geese and ducks. A number of restaurants have been exploiting loopholes in the law, serving foie gras as a “complimentary” part of a dish. At other “duckeasies,” customers-in-the-know can order foie gras by asking for it via a special “code name.”

However, it is still legal to eat African lion and a number of other animals, including kangaroo, in the US. Chef Brad Farmerie, of the Michelin-starred Public in New York, does serve kangaroo and notes that he has indeed received some angry criticism for doing so:

“We have fielded calls from ‘reactionists’ who were angry that we were serving these cute, cuddly creatures, and then got ‘raided’ by some government agents a few years back because kangaroo was accidentally included in a New York list of endangered animals.”

Getting lion off the Taste & See menu showed the results that online activism can have. But clearly, there will be more opportunities to question restaurants over the “exotic” fare they wish to serve on menus.

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Photo by Crazy Creatures


Ashlyine B.
Ashlyine B.4 years ago

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Rosemary Lowe

Since we humans have such a penchant for animal flesh, I would suggest another source of which there is little worry about supply: human flesh. It has been done historically and is still done in some areas of the world. Now, if people really want to be "carnivores" they should stay true to it as other flesh-eating animals do: Eat It Raw.
As our beautiful planet's biodiversity continues its rapid decline, humans still addicted to flesh will be eating each other.

Mandy Vachon
Mandy V5 years ago

It disgusts me people who even pay to eat lions. Really a nutty person would even think of putting this on the menu. I'm really glad to hear the news, that it won't happen there!

Janet McGillacuddy

Thank you to all Care 2 members who signed this petition. Boycott this restaurant so it goes out of business altogether.

Giana Peranio-paz

Disgusting humans who would pay to eat a lion and thus keep this hateful restaurant open!

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

How disgusting and despicable to put it on the menu in the first place! If you're in the area boycott this business!

Karen and Ed O.
Karen and Ed O5 years ago

Has anyone ever done a study to find out what motivates jerks like this to want to serve or eat exotic animals? Besides the obvious one of greed that is.
I guess there is a little section of their brains that never developed while they were growing up. You know, that section that says abusing and exploiting animals or children for profit might be a little sick.
Actually I feel a little sorry for the people who patronize places like that or the restaurants that serve "complimentary" foie gras. It must be kind of isolating to go through life without a soul.

Jules M.
Jules Marcil5 years ago

Come on !!! it makes me really want to puke when i see a restaurant that wanted to serve lion's meat. The worst part is that some stupid and ignorant peoples would have gone to have a taste of the wilderness.... guys if you want some thrill go fight one with your bare hands in the jungle... hey even try it with a rambo knife... if you win you will deserve your lunch... leave them alone, and: no ! lions meat, tiger testicule, shark fins etc dont have any fascinating properties ... it just amaze the rest of us on how human beings can be such stupid low life species...

Melanie Victoria
Melanie Victoria5 years ago


Melanie Victoria
Melanie Victoria5 years ago

I will not speak about the morality of eating meat here. However, we should not be permitted to consume endangered animals! Why are we even having this conversation? Human arrogance and entitlement will spell the death of all life on earth, as much as I hate to be cynical. Simply to know that there are people who adamantly defend their right to conume animals who may cease to exist in the near future causes me to lose even more respect for our species. The fact that many humans considered themselves to be a higher, more "evolved" lifeform is laughable. Our vicious treatment of other humans and other animals speaks volumes to our true mammalian heritage. Our cruetly to other lifeforms is rendered even more appalling because we know that other sentient beings suffer...