Success! Permission to Breed Rabbits Denied!

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets, but they may also be one of the most misunderstood. Animal welfare experts say rabbit owners often fail to meet the specific needs of bunnies. Some owners provide little access to exercise space and virtually no attention except maybe a handful of food once in a while.

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund also points out that countless unwanted pet rabbits are sold for next to nothing through classified ads both in newspapers and online as well as at livestock auctions. Many of these are bought as meat.

So when Spalding, U.K., resident Christine W. learned that someone had made an application to build a facility to breed pet rabbits and guinea pigs close to her home, she immediately created a petition in protest. At first she feared that the farm would be used for vivisection and started a petition against that. Then she discovered that this was a farm for pets, and so she created a second petition about why breeding pet rabbits is bad for animal welfare.

Fantastic News For Rabbits!

The petition garnered over 84,000 signatures, and Christine submitted it to the South Holland District Council’s office. The council included the Care2 petition in their report, which denied planning permission for the farm. 

As the author writes in her petition:

“Today is a day to celebrate!! A big thank you to the 84,214 people who signed my petition (31,152 in the UK) & to those who lodged objections with the council. Animal lovers have united to get justice for rabbits!!”

Even though the report states that legally the council is not able to consider animal welfare grounds, the petition pointed out the vast volume of homeless rabbits are found in rescue centers.

Christine knows that rabbits are one of the most neglected domestic animals. Having worked in an animal rescue center, she has seen hundreds of unwanted pet rabbits that are desperate for a loving home.

The council cited lack of sustainability of a pet rabbit breeding business as a reason for refusing permission.

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Care2’s Abigail Geer has also made us aware of the horrors that often go on inside rabbit farms. This cruel and inhumane treatment of rabbits was happening in Spain, but could well be happening in other countries.

With such an over-population of rabbits in the U.K., thousands are killed, while others are simply dumped outside when their owners tire of them.

Domestic rabbits are neglected in gardens, given to kids as toys, used for snake food, kept in horrific conditions by backyard meat breeders and inhumanely slaughtered every day across the globe. 

That’s why Christine knew she had to speak up for those creatures, who cannot speak for themselves.

Take Action!

If her successful Care2 petition inspires you, why not create a petition about an issue that troubles you deeply? Check out these guidelines on how to get started, and pretty soon the Care2 community will be signing up to support you in your cause.



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Glennis W
Glennis W8 months ago

Just so awesome just made my day Thank you for caring and sharing

Glennis W
Glennis W8 months ago

Just so wonderful adorable rabbits people are not allowed to own rabbits in Queensland Thank you for caring and sharing

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Glennis W8 months ago

Greatest news to finish a good week Thank you for caring and sharing

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Thank You!

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good news. In Italy we breed rabbits but I am sorry for those creatures

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Easter is a terrible time for rabbits. People think they make good gifts as pets for young children. They don't. They are fragile living creatures, not toys.

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