Success! S.C. Dog Dragger is Convicted of Felony Animal Cruelty, Gets 10+ Years

Remember the heartbreaking story of Andra Grace, the young pit bull who was cruelly dragged behind a pickup truck for two miles in late October 2013?

If you do, you probably also remember the petition that over 2,700 Care2 readers signed, demanding that South Carolina authorities upgrade the charges against the man accused of that gut wrenching crime from a misdemeanor to a felony.

We have some very good news for those of you following this case. Those charges were indeed upgraded and the accused, Roger Dennis Owens, was convicted on July 15. He’ll be spending the next 10 and a half years in prison for what he did.

Watch footage from the hearing in this news report:

In his court appearance, Owens told Circuit Judge Letitia Verdin that he intended to “plead guilty to my charges and get it behind me.” He added that he’d recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Owens revealed a bombshell during his testimony — someone paid him off with drugs and alcohol to take Andra Grace and get rid of her.

Judge: One of the Cruelest Things That Ive Seen Since Ive Been on the Bench

Reportedly, neighbors next to the property where Andra Grace was living had complained that she kept coming around to beg for food. The dog’s owners, who apparently were not caring for her or other animals in any real way, got tired of the complaints and asked Owens to do them a favor.

Owens agreed to get Andra Grace out of there. Inexplicably, instead of turning her in to a shelter, he decided to take care of the problem by tying the the poor helpless dog to his pickup truck and driving away.

Contrary to reports issued at the time of the offense, courtroom testimony revealed that Owens didn’t just tie Andra Grace’s leash to the bumper. It was much worse than that. He reportedly tied her front legs to his truck, forcing her to attempt keep up with his speeding truck by running on her hind legs.

He dragged Andra Grace for about two miles that way, according to authorities. Two women driving in the opposite direction saw what was happening, called the police, and turned around to follow the truck and save the dog.

The dog’s injuries were so severe that initial responders didn’t think she’d survive. She lost most of her rear toenails, the tendons in her knees were exposed, and her paws were “degloved.” Her belly and mammary glands were also torn up.

bandaged dog

Photo credit: Justice for Andra Grace Facebook page

Donations from generous people around the world paid for the medical care Andra Grace needed to pull through. At the time of this incident, Andra Grace had recently given birth to a litter of puppies which had been given away at too young an age. Rescue workers tracked down the surviving puppies and re-homed them with families who will care for them properly.

According to Owens’ attorney, he does in fact like animals, but that fateful day he’d been drinking and wasn’t “thinking straight.” Uh huh. Sure. The judge didn’t buy it for a minute. She was appalled. You can see it in her face in the news video above.

“This is one of the cruelest things that I’ve seen since I’ve been on the bench,” said Judge Verdin. She then handed down the sentence, which demonstrated she was serious as a heart attack.

She sentenced Owens to five years for felony “ill treatment of an animal,” the maximum sentence available under South Carolina law. She also gave him five years for being a habitual traffic offender and six months for driving under the influence on a suspended license, bringing his total sentence to 10 and a half years. Owens showed no remorse, according to a reporter for WYFF.

The prosecutor, Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor Walt Wilkins, said he hopes Owens’ sentence will send a message that animal abuse will not be tolerated in his jurisdiction.

Finally, A Happy Life in a House Full of Love

andra grace sleeps comfortably now

Photo credit: S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast

Andra Grace lives in Florida now with her new adoptive parent, Lynne Dixon, and her family. When Dixon heard the news about Owens’ conviction, she became emotional.

“[Andra Grace] was in her bed and I knelt down. And I was already bawling. And I just climbed into her bed with her and scooped her up and squeezed her,” Dixon told WSAV.

Andra Grace has healed up nicely, though some of her fur is gone and will never grow back.  She’ll always bear scars — both physical and emotional — from her horrific ordeal. Don’t worry about her, though, Care2 readers. She’s safe and loved. Her abuser is in jail with a felony conviction forever on his record.

Your signatures helped bring justice for Andra Grace. Without the angry public outcry that demanded a more serious charge for this offense, Owens would be spending decidedly fewer years behind bars. You helped make a real difference for this dog.

This is a victory across the board. Relish it — it doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Photo credit: Justice for Andra Grace Facebook page


Sierra B.
Sierra B3 years ago

I am so glad she is alright

Christine Jones
Christine J3 years ago

To quote the fabulous Patti Smith, "People have the power, people have the power". Well done everyone and it brings a happy tear to my eye to see this poor baby safe and cared for at long last.

sylvie d.
sylvie d3 years ago

Formidable, peine à sa juste valeur. Les tortionnaires n'ont qu'a bien se tenir. Si seulement nous pouvions avoir la même justice en France, c'est loin d'être le cas.
SVP pétition à signer

Tony L.
Away L3 years ago

It's great that justice has been done!! May this become the norm!

Claire Jordan
Claire Jordan3 years ago

That he is a schizophrenic would be a mitigating factor in law, here, if his schizophrenia included a delusion which, if it were true, would explain what he did - if he somehow hallucinated that the truck was moving slowly and was dancing with the dog, for example. This principle was established in the Victorian era, when a schizophrenic was found not guilty of trying to assassinate the Prime Minister because he believed the Prime Minister had sent secret agents to kill him, and if that had been true his actions would have been justified.

But by his own account this guy was trying to get rid of the dog - he meant her to be damaged - and doing so by a very inhumane and inefficient method which he hasn't offered any explanation for, so the fact that he's schizophrenic isn't any kind of mitigation. It just makes him more dangerous, as less able to control his evil impulses, so a long sentence is necessary.

Joseph Glackin
Joseph Glackin3 years ago

Brava! to the judge!

Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson3 years ago

Finally, an article about some justice!! Now, let's send the rest of the sadists to jail!! Maybe they'll think twice about abusing an animal.

Bea Wilson
Bea Wilson3 years ago

With love Andra Grace, so happy for your survival! You be well. Live long without fear. So grateful to Lynne Dixon for wanting to take care of you and to show you love. Thank you Circuit Judge Letitia Verdin for holding this animal abuser accountable for his actions. God bless all.

Jim Ven
Jim Ven3 years ago

thanks for the article.

Nola C.
Nola C4 years ago

The next best thing, since it would be considered inhumane to do the same thing to this piece of shit! Best wishes, and long life to Andra Grace, Lynne, and Circuit Judge Letitia Verdin. Kudos to the judge for seeing through his bull, and giving the strictest punishment that she could. I also hope Karma gets the worthless neighbors that owned Andra Grace and did not take care of her in the first place. As well, the neighbors that complained that she was begging for food, instead of helping her, when they could see she was not being taken care of properly. Last, but not least, long life to the wonderful women that saw Andra Grace being tortured, and stepped up and did something about it, and saved her life in the process!