Success! Salazar Announces Investigation of Shady Bush Administration Oil Shale Deals

In the final few days before President Bush left office, his Interior Department worked out a sweetheart deal with oil companies, giving them great rates to destroy tracts of land in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming for oil shale. Nearly 10,000 Care2 members wrote to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar this spring, urging him to oppose this reckless oil shale development. And this week, Salazar did just that.

An Interior Department press release has the details:

Secretary Salazar has also asked Interior’s Inspector General to investigate a set of favorable conditions and low royalty rates that were offered on January 15, 2009 — five days before the end of the previous administration — to energy companies holding existing RD&D [research, development and demonstration] leases. Secretary Salazar determined that the timing and circumstances of the previous administration’s modifications of existing RD&D leases — called lease addenda — merit additional review.

“Taxpayers deserve answers to serious questions about why these lease addenda were granted at the eleventh hour, under what circumstances, and at what potential expense to the federal treasury,” said Salazar. “We must reform our nation’s oil shale program and ensure that the American people have the promise of a fair return from their resources.”

The L.A. Times reports on a collusion between Shell (who stood to benefit most from these sweetheart deals) and Bush officials all the way up to former Interior Secretary Gale Norton (who now works for Shell…coincidence?).

Previously undisclosed internal e-mails from the Bush Interior Department and Royal Dutch Shell PLC — which held three leases and stood to benefit more from the amendments than any firm — show a concerted if uncoordinated effort to deal with the expected blowback to the amendments. The e-mails were obtained by The Times’ Washington bureau.

One Interior official sent an e-mail to colleagues describing the amendments as a “nuclear bomb” that would spark a hostile reaction from Colorado leaders and at the highest levels of the incoming Obama administration, which had already pledged to overhaul Bush administration energy development programs.

These previously undisclosed emails just serve to show how right Care2 members are in urging Secretary Salazar to oppose these midnight Bush deals. Keep signing petitions — they really do make a difference!


Ben Oscarsito
Ben O4 years ago

Come on, give us some NEWS!!!

Mimi S.
Mimi S4 years ago

Thanks for posting--good to know!

Colin Hope
Colin Hope4 years ago

Bush and his wealthy cronies should be fed to the sharks, oops, No, this would pollute our seas!!

Dan Nickerson
Dan Nickerson4 years ago

Yes, thanks for letting us know but an update to this 2009 story would be helpful. It seems justice is slow in Washington.

dee j.
dee j4 years ago

good to hear !! thanks for sharing with us !!!

Leanne B.
Leanne B4 years ago

It's nice to know we made some noise and are heard.

Gloria Maria Ortega Zuina

Hay que ver cuál será la conclusión final. Esto no ha terminado todavía.

Kamia T.
Kamia T4 years ago

I'm glad that at least one of these will be investigated. One down, about 222 million to go. Between below-market cattle grazing fees and below-market oil leasing fees, we could probably balance the budget in one year.

Cindy Miars
Cindy Miars4 years ago

This type of deal…arrangement has gone on forever. This one surfaced, but how many don't?

Robert Ponce
Robert Ponce4 years ago

Bush's own State is facing problems on the same topic of Oil industry, cronyism. Read how TXans feel about this at