Success! Wild Boar-and-Dog Fights Banned in West Java

In a huge victory for animal rights, Ahmad Heryawan, the Governor of West Java, has issued a ban on wild boar-and-dog fights (knownas “dugong” or “Adu bagong”).

Ade Sukalsah, Head of Communications for the West Java Government, told BBC Indonesia:

“Wild boar – dog fights are a long-standing tradition in West Java, but if the tradition has a bad influence and a negative impact on society, then it should be eliminated and forgotten.

The West Java provincial government has asked district governments to issue a regulation prohibiting Dugong performances.”

Owners of animals participating in this slaughter have said the fights are important because they preserve a regional tradition that began in the 1960s.

But not all traditions are worthy of being preserved.

The Scorpion Foundation, which monitors wildlife trading, confirmed Sukalsah’s announcement, adding that the Governor was banning the brutal practice as the torture of animals is a criminal offense.

Wild boar-and-dog fighting occurs in many places in West Java, from Bandung, Pangandaran, Majalengka and Yellow.

This appallingly cruel “sport” resembles bullfighting and every other animal fighting event. First a wild boar is released into an arena, next a dog and then the two get into a vicious fight for their lives.

Eventually one of them usually dies, after being savagely mauled, while the other animal is severely injured.

The boars are sold for their meat in the local market.

You can witness in this YouTube videohow the small arena is surrounded by bamboo poles to protect the crowd, which yells and screams to urge on their favorite dog.

That’s right: Bets are taken and there’s often a lot of money at stake.

As this Care2 petition notes, “The real motivation behind this particular death sport is more predictable – namely, cash. Dog fighters can take in up to $2,000 if their canine wins. Dog breeders also fight their animals so they can leverage the notoriety of their fighting dogs to sell more animals at higher prices.”

The petition demanded, “No living creature should be forced to defend its life for the mere amusement of another. Add your name now and be a voice for a more humane and compassionate world.”

World Animal Newsexplains:

“The decision to stop the bloody spectacle that pit a dog against a wild boar in a vicious fight for their lives was most likely made following increased negative media coverage and growing pressure by animal advocates. According to a Care2 petition that demanded the ban, these forced fights were ‘animal cruelty of the worst kind.’”

Indeed, this breaking news is being welcomed by thousands of animal rights activists: The more than 253,000 members who signed the Care2 petition; Campaigners from the Scorpion Foundation, which monitors wildlife trade; And their partners from Animals Asia and the Change for Animals Foundation, all working to expose these barbaric spectacles in Indonesia.

Congratulations to all the animal welfare activists who contributed to this success!

While this is a great victory, there are plenty more animals still suffering in Indonesia. You can take action by signing and sharing this petition, calling on the government of Indonesia to shut down the Indonesian Zoo Association, which allows 90% of zoos in the country to keep their animals in appalling conditions.

Image credit: Reuters


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Mia B
Mia B1 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Clare O'Beara
Clare O1 months ago

What are the penalties? If the men are broke and can't pay fines are they jailed? Is there a local jail?

Clare O'Beara
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Clare O'Beara
Clare O1 months ago

who will enforce this law?

Clare O'Beara
Clare O1 months ago

In the Middle Ages people had no other entertainment than they could make themselves, locally. Strolling players strolled on to the next town. That is why anything involving animals was started as entertainment. We know better now and we have other options now.

Peggy B
Peggy B1 months ago

Great news.

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Michael Friedmann1 months ago

Thank You for Sharing This !!!

Karen N
Karen N1 months ago

Good on Ahmad Heryawan, the Governor of West Java! . . . Those that thought up such a so-called tradition and vile spectacle clearly had a very sick disturbing mentality as do those that continue to condone, promote, support, participate, spectate and profit in such vile atrocities to animals and then to have the audacity to label such atrocities as 'tradition' and 'cultural heritage' is sick beyond belief. There is nothing impressive or to be proud of whatsoever about the exploitation, suffering, terrorizing, traumatizing, torturing, harming and murder of animals, all it does is express the sick barbaric mentality of those that thought up such a vile spectacle along with those that condone, promote, support, participate, spectate and profit from it. The 'real' men (and women) of the world show compassion and respect for all life regardless of species, they help and protect them . . . unlike the pathetic and cowardly ones who seem to think it is macho to exploit, terrorize, torture, harm and murder them! . . . Those with a need to express their sick mentality can inflict their abhorrent behaviour between themselves to get their 'highs' they have no right to involve animals!

Carole R
Carole R1 months ago

Wonderful news. This is not sport. It's barbaric.