Success! Wisconsin GOP Thwarted from Stealing Power from Newly Elected Dem Governor

When voters in Wisconsin finally ousted Governor Scott Walker from power this past November by putting a Democrat in charge of their state instead, GOP lawmakers did not take the impending change gracefully. The following month, they used a lame duck session to pass a bunch of laws that deliberately undermined incoming Governor Tony Evers.

Loads of concerned citizens signed a Care2 petition calling out Wisconsin, and fortunately the judicial branch agrees with their position. Thankfully, over the past week, Richard Neiss, a county judge agreed, ruling that the impromptu legislative session Republicans called to weaken Evers was unlawful.

Per the judge, nothing decided during December should stand since the Wisconsin Constitution only allows for legislative sessions outside of the regular schedule under certain circumstances. To hold a special session, either Gov. Walker would have had to call for it or the legislature would have to pass a statute to approve it – neither of those things happened, however.

Accordingly, about eighty rushed confirmations during that session will not stand unless Evers himself decides to reappoint them. Moreover, the new law that allows legislators to supersede the decisions of the newly elected attorney general (who is also a Democrat, if you couldn’t guess) is also tossed out.

That latter part is especially important because the conservative legislature was trying to sue its way out of complying with the Affordable Care Act via this power. The governor and attorney general campaigned with pledges to drop that suit – and presumably won in large part because of that – which is why the GOP tried to subvert it.

Pretty much immediately after Judge Neiss struck down this law, Gov. Evers called for the state to formally withdraw from the lawsuit, thereby resurrecting the voters’ will.

Another thing Republicans tried to tinker with during the special and unconstitutional session was to move the date of its next Supreme Court election, which would have coincided with 2020 presidential voting. Republicans worried about the Democratic turn out for that election would obviously prefer to have a separate election to stifle turnout.

Neiss’s ruling isn’t even the first time the courts have come down on Republicans for this same session. Two months ago, Judge James Peterson shot down a specific law the GOP passed to limit early voting, again presumably to stifle Democratic turnout.

Wisconsin Republican leaders have vowed to appeal the court decisions, which is pretty much their only move at this point since there’s no way the Democratic governor would sign off on any of their decisions if they simply tried to pass them again. Don’t feel bad for a party that tried to underhandedly subvert democracy, though!

Take Action!

Unfortunately, Wisconsin was not the only state late last year to see its conservative legislature hastily try to change all of its rules before a Democratic governor took office. Michigan is grappling with the same problem – so keep signing this Care2 petition to make sure there is a just end to that unfair power grab in that state, too.


Janis K
Janis K15 days ago

Great news!

Carol C
Carol C15 days ago

A great relief. This gives me hope that more of the subversive actions by the Greedy Old Party can be thwarted as well.

Gene J
Gene J23 days ago

Outstanding. That was a terrible way to act, even for politicians, not how democracy works. This is why we have three branches of government.

Muhammad Sabir Rajab

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Elaine W
Elaine W24 days ago

GOP does not "do the right thing" out of the goodness of their hearts. This is the fact behind their aversion to regulations and why we have to fight for civil rights, health care, education, human rights and any other improvements in a civilized society to protect even the most vulnerable among us.

Coo R
Coo R24 days ago

GOP are sore losers

Coo R
Coo R24 days ago

great result

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Anna R
Anna R24 days ago