Success! Woman Who Dragged Dog Behind Scooter Charged with Animal Cruelty

Imagine cruising along on your bicycle and spotting a woman wearing headphones as she rides a rented electric scooter, apparently oblivious to the fact that she’s dragging a small dog with bloodied paws behind her. When you stop her, she apologizes profusely and thanks you for bringing it to her attention, right?

That certainly wasn’t the case last month in Bakersfield, Calif., when this happened to Brandon Sanders. When Sanders stopped the woman, she dragged the injured dog by his collar to the curb. “Shit happens, just like it does with kids,” she said.

In a photo Sanders took, the woman flashed what he described as “kind of a smart-aleck smile” as she held the bleeding dog. Homeowner James Dowell’s security cameras captured video of the dog being dragged that has been viewed over 202,000 times on Facebook.

“I’m not going to say that what she did was intentional, but it was very negligent,” Sanders said. He said she had dragged the dog for at least 100 yards before she checked to see if he was still there, “and that’s just from what we saw, from the point to where we actually saw her to where she stopped.”

Sanders did the right thing and called the Bakersfield Police Department (BPD). The dog, whose name is Zebra, was taken to a veterinarian and treated for his injuries. The woman, later identified as Elaine Rosa, is apparently not the dog’s owner.

After investigating the incident, the BPD submitted a criminal complaint regarding Rosa to the Kern County District Attorney’s office. More than 207,000 people have signed a Care2 petition urging the D.A. to file charges against her.

On February 15, District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer announced that Rosa had been charged with felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor animal neglect for “permitting an animal to be in a city street without proper care and attention”.

If convicted, Rosa faces up to three years in jail and a maximum $20,000 fine for the felony charge along with up to six months in jail for the misdemeanor.

“I’ve reached out to my client and we plan on cooperating with law enforcement 100 percent,” Rosa’s attorney, Bo Koenig, said in a statement after the charges were announced. Shortly after being taken into custody, Rosa posted bail and was released.

What’s pretty shocking in this already shocking case is that Rosa is a clinical psychologist. She last worked for about a year as a contracted psychologist at Kern Valley State Prison. Her contract was terminated the day after the dragging incident, which was probably no coincidence. Hopefully her license to practice psychology will be permanently revoked, as well.

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Photo credit: Brandon Sanders/Facebook


Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans17 days ago

So whose dog was it then if she wasn't the owner?

Ben O
Ben O2 months ago

Right on!

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shana l
shana l3 months ago

This woman should be tarred and feathered. And dragged under a BUS.

Maria H
Maria Hernandez3 months ago

nice to here

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Carolyn Bateman
Carolyn Bateman4 months ago

Surely this woman is not well mentally. I'm so glad the dog was able to get help for its injuries. I hope that now that law enforcement is involved, as if should be, that the woman who physically abused the dog will also get the help she needs.

Lindi S
Lindi Smith4 months ago

Poor little Dooger. Some people ....

Micheal Hopwell
Micheal Hopwell4 months ago

am happy to hear this