Super-Grandmas Conquer Their Fears (and Other Stories to Warm our Hearts)

Amid the doom and gloom that dominates the press, it would be easy to think there’s no good news to be had — but there is! Here are 5 uplifting stories that will keep you smiling through the week.

1. Texas Teens Lend a (Prosthetic) Hand to Boy Missing Three Fingers

Two-year-old Zaxton has been missing the three middle fingers on his left hand since he was born. His brother, Christian, wanted to help make life easier for Zaxton and, knowing that nearby school Leander High employed a teacher called Herb Wasson who had a history in robotics, decided to enlist some help.

Wasson, together with Christian and a team of students, are now in the process of creating Zaxton a made-to-measure prosthetic. Their latest creation allows Zaxton to open and close his fingers, and also allows him to bend his wrist (where previous models couldn’t). They hope that eventually they will create a prosthetic that will be sleeker and easier for Zaxton to use. They’re confident that, now they’ve got the basics down, they will soon have a prosthetic that will allow Zaxton to do all the things a child of his age might want to do. What an amazing brother Zaxton has.

2. The Best Video of How to Live Life

What do you get for being kind to others? For being selfless? That’s the premise of a Thai life insurance commercial that has made many a man and woman weep across the Internet these past few weeks:

3. A Dog was Adopted by an Entire Sports Team. Now He’s a Star!

Just a month ago, Hank the dog was a stray. He wandered about the Brewer’s spring training facility in Phoenix, Arizona, hungry and unwell (he’d been hit by a car), until the Milwaukee Brewers team’s management decided to take him in.

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Now, he’s become the team’s unofficial mascot and on March 31 he made his official debut to a standing ovation. He has since been honored with his own Bobblehead and a dedicated night on September 13 which, as the team is publicizing, will see proceeds go to the “Hank Fund” created by the Milwaukee Humane Society so they can help care for other stray animals. That’s one heck of a rags to riches story, isn’t it?

4. A 7 Year Old Died. Then He Saved his Mom

Chen Xiaotian was only 7 when he was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. If that wasn’t enough, his mom was already ill:  Zhou Lu had what without a transplant would be a fatal kidney condition. Then her son did something remarkable. As his condition worsened to the point where he went blind and could no longer move, Xiaotian realized he could give his mom a gift: the gift of life. He asked for Lu to let him die so that she could have one of his kidneys. At first his mum refused but, knowing that a part of her son would live on so long as she did, Lu eventually consented and the medical team, having made sure that Xiation was fully aware of the sacrifice he was making, allowed the operation to go ahead.

Xiation passed away on April 2. Lu received Xiation’s kidney and is reportedly doing well.

5. See the Fearless Grandmas Who are Taking the Internet by Storm

Dutch grandmas Ria, 78, and An, 71, are taking the internet by storm. Proving that age is no barrier to tackling our fears and having fun, they appear in an ad campaign for a telecom company wherein they ride a rollercoaster and later take their first ever trip on a plane despite Ann being very afraid of flying.

Watch Ria’s rollercoaster ride below and see if you can stop yourself from smiling:

And here’s a clip of their first flight:

Hopefully, these stories will have warmed your heart and helped reassure you that there are plenty of people doing plenty of wonderful things in the world today.

Photo credit: Thinkstock.


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Our grandma jumped out of an airplane on her 90th birthday