Support Tougher Laws for Dogfighting

While Michael Vick has committed a terrible crime, he did bring the horrors of dogfighting into the public’s eye and we hopefully won’t soon forget what happened to the dogs at Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels anytime soon.

Unfortunately, Vick’s case was only one of many that occur undetected where dogs are  severely injured and killed. 

While dogfighting is illegal in 50 states, the laws aren’t severe enough to deter people from committing the crime, or repeating it. Even fines for dogfighting can be shrugged off as a mere business expense.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund drafted a bill that would include dogfighting under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) laws, which include other organized crimes such as gambling.  Last year this bill was made into a law in Virginia.

According to ALDF, the intention of including dogfighting under RICO laws is to give prosecutors more power in attempts to stop dogfighting, in addition to posing longer sentences and heftier fines. 

Additionally, under RICO there would be:

  • More comprehensive investigatory powers
  • Extended statutes of limitations
  • Longer sentences (in terms of both actual incarceration and the length of post-prison supervision)
  • Larger fines
  • Pre-conviction “seize and freeze” of a defendant’s assets
  • Forfeiture of the assets used in, and gains generated from, the dogfighting activities



Please take a minute to contact your legislators to ask them to include dogfighting under your state’s RICO laws.


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ian L.
ian l8 years ago

That worthless sack of flesh known as Micheal Vick should have to pay half of his annual salary to the ASPCA for the rest of his career!!! I can't believe they let him back in,I don't think he has punished nearly enough. I think him and others like him are some of the most despicable people on the planet.

Anita M.

Michael Vick did not have a heart then what makes you think he has one now. He just got caught, that's all. If he were never put in prison, he would still be at large doing his dirty deeds with these poor unsuspecting creatures. He should be banned from ever owning or having a another pet. I personally would not trust him around any that I love.

CR C8 years ago

This needs to be stopped anyway it can it's horrible. I would love to put these people in a ring and let them fight to stay alive. They need to wakeup and realise they are using these poor creatures for there personal gain and entertainment STOP IT and let them live and run free.

Patrice M.
Patrice J8 years ago

Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the USA, has agreed to a partnership between the HSUS and Micheal Vick!!

I don't know how any of you feel about this, but I am horrified. I am horrified because Vick's crimes involved much more than dogfighting (and dogfighting is horrible enough).

Micheal VIck fimed his torture and killings and slow starvations of dogs because he "got off" on it. The police baggged at least 70 of his homemade films of these crimes at the time of his arrest. This means that Micheal Vick's tortures and slaughters of animals are on the level of horrendous sex crimes.

Please contact the Humane Society and Wayne Pacelle to let them know that we won't tolerate a degradation of every single thing the Humane Society stands for!! Tell Wayne Pacelle to cancel his partnership with Vick. NOW.

Abused, hurt, and dying animals need an organization that puts them first - not the cheap publicity grabbing stunts of Wayne Pacelle!

Alessandra Richardson

We should do everything in our power to stop people like these from using their dogs as a token, the dogs are used as a chip in a poker game it is ridiculous to know people have the courage to abuse of their animals, then they say dogs can be aggressive, we put them into the wrong hands! Let’s use are voice to stop this, our voice is the only power we have!!!

Mary C.
Mary C8 years ago

Yes Daniel W. Whoopi Goldberg said that on the View!!! Can you believe that? Part of their culture!! So we need to allow it to continue?? Holy crap. Michael Vick should be in prison for life. Or just tied up and hang, or electrocuted. Any one of the ways he tortured his dogs will do.

Carol H.
Past Member 8 years ago

This is animal abuse and it should be stopped no matter how long it might take or money it takes and that is a fact.
Look at what Michael Vick did to those innocent animals and thought nothing about he should be put in the fighting ring and let one of his dogs attack and kill him and that is a fact.

Lori Childers
Lori Childers8 years ago

Charles you are exactly right,I don't know what I was thinking.knowing Michael Vick he would just take his anger out on the animals he was made to take care of!! Dog fighting is one of the most horrible things I have ever seen,and he does not deserve the honor of being around another animal of any kind!! Lori

lorii He
lorii He8 years ago

this most be ban all over the world

Gabriela G.
Gabriela G8 years ago

There should be no way for Vick to get back into the NFL or ever be around animals for the rest of his life. Instead of painting him as a repentant victim of his upbringing, he should be portrayed as an example of what will happen to animal abusers: prosecution, punishment and ostracism. A person who has shown the utter lack of empathy that Vick has shown does not deserve a second chance.