Surprising Spay/Neuter PSA Urges People to Fix at Month Four

Utah-based Best Friends Animal Society is taking a new approach to encouraging people to spay and neuter their pets by getting us to think of our pets the same way we do about our children, most of who have probably gotten the infamous “sex talk” at some point.

The PSAs feature Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet, NCIS:LA’s Linda Hunt and musician Paula Cole and add a little humor to the seriousness of the pet overpopulation problem.

“We felt it was important to present the messaging in an attention getting way that didn’t make people feel guilty or sad,” Amber Ayers, the society’s senior marketing and creative manager, told ABCNews. “When we looked at the research, most people planned on spaying or neutering their pets, but there was just a lot of confusion about when to do so and this leads to the ‘oops’ litter. ”

The Fix at Four campaign was created with support from TM Advertising and MRM in Salt Lake City and is intended not only to encourage people to spay/neuter at all, but to change the mindset we have about our pets. For more info, visit the Fix at Four website.

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Tyra H.
Tyra H.4 years ago

Naturally observant, I never quite got why it is they equated pets with teenagers (I mind you I am sixteen and a half years old and is not the sort who has a boyfriend and I don't go to parties, actually I live in isolation) but then I had the lingering feeling that the ad says, "While you do not have much control over your teens, you can have more control of your pets by sterilizing them and preventing oops babies." so pretty much they equate four months with teenage years (though in a dog it would be about six months) and having a litter at four months to a teenage pregnancy as in having them at thirteen or sixteen what have you, ergo, it appeals to certain people on the notions that you can't sterilize humans (this was done in 1971 to a girl with a slightly low IQ, I don't know much of the story behind that, but that was back then, this is now) but you can sterilize pets, which is not the sort of message you want going out but that message is most certainly what I've been getting out of that and it ain't a good one, especially since most people see their pets as children and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have your children sterilized, even though that's happened before.

Now fixing them isn't bad (it's a very good idea and it comes with benefits) and it is better than promoting pet adoption (a message I've gotten annoyed with) but this commercial makes it look inhumane because it equates pets to teenagers and I don't know who the heck would sterilize their kids, as that w

Charli S.
Charlotte S4 years ago

I personally believe that those who want unaltered animals should pay for the privileged. Especially those who use animals to make a living off of.

Pauline M.
Pauline Matthews4 years ago

Yes, I support neutering but not until after the first year, as by doing so hormones vital to bone growth is taking away, so let the pup grow a little.

Rodney Paige
Rodney Paige4 years ago

Animal cruelty at it's apex. Who are humans to control another species' reproductive success, when they are here to live out their lives, and leave their genetic imprint on the next generation (JUST LIKE HUMANS). Spaying and neutering animals only serves HUMAN needs, and not the needs of an animal. Nature has its way of controlling populations, and all humans should do in this regard is let nature do what it does and run its course.
Humans should understand that in as much as Veterinarians are "caretakers", they are also in business to sell services. Conveying that spaying and neutering animals improves their overall health is just another way they package their services. Think about it, of course i would not contract testicular cancer if i have no testicles. In the same fashion, if i cut another human beings head off, they would never get a headache, but how would that really serve THEM. That logic is senseless at best, and humans need to start using the brain that nature gave us, or at least be honest about who we're serving with such notions. It's not animals!

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Sue H.
.4 years ago

very cleaver, hope people take notice

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L5 years ago

I support spay/neutering not just for animals. There are plenty of humans that need to get fixed to before they overcrowd the world with offspring they don't take care of. There are way too many abandoned children brought to life by irresponsible humans. children didn't asked to be born and then dumped. Animals, specially pets, need to be taken care of by us humans and there are many, many, many suffering in shelters.

Lily R.
Lily R.5 years ago

I believe in the spaying and neutering..and for dogs of smaller breeds it makes sense to spay/neuter them as early as you can, but for bigger breeds, like mastiffs, people need to reconsider spaying or neutering them this early because it will stunt their growth. I'm not saying this just to say it, I own two mastiffs, rescued, and got them when they were puppies and they were not spayed or neutered until they were a year old. Our female we allowed to have one heat cycle for her growth and she got fixed a few months after her first birthday. So if you are a person that likes the bigger breeds than you need to rethink getting them spayed/neutered that early because for their health and growth it would be better to wait until their around a year old.

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Tatyana Ivanova
Tatyana Ivanova5 years ago

I do support spaying and neutering! It's awfully sad watching the stray cats and dogs on the streets! They don't have home or food, they catch diseases, etc. And then officials just kill them. What the life is it???
P.S. Videos are awesome! *O* The puppies and kittens are so cute! ^_^