Survival: That’s The Only Gay Agenda In Our Schools

Caylend Childs, a 7th grader who attends Mason Clark Middle School in East St. Louis, Illinois, spent the entire day Monday with the word “Fag” scrawled on the back of his neck in permanent marker.

While he was resting his head on his desk during one lesson, another student thought it would be hilarious to brand him. Childs spent the entire day being laughed at by other kids, and he didn’t know why.

Childs’ mother found the slur and reported the incident to the school. Childs’ mom says her son has been the victim of bullying before, telling Fox2Now that students broke into a bathroom stall Caylend was in and kicked him in the back. He ended up covered in urine. He now no longer wants to go to school.

The school, which has reportedly confirmed the incident, says the students responsible will be disciplined per district guidelines. The district does have a sexual orientation-inclusive anti-bullying policy which also covers “derogatory slurs.” Many districts do not have such policies. Several simply ignore them.

Hesperia Unified School District received a letter from The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Southern California this week accusing the district of allowing a climate of anti-LGBT bullying to persist at one of its high schools despite state law and district policy prohibiting it.

The letter, which you can read here (.pdf), goes further than that, actually. It claims that administrators at Sultana High School are actively participating in the ostracizing of LGBT students.

The ACLU, together with the law firm Nixon Peabody, wrote on behalf of Sultana High School’s Gay Straight Alliance club, saying in part:

Officials at Sultana High School have repeatedly violated federal and state law by:

(1) suppressing the GSA’s speech about the club and LGBTQ issues, censoring its posters and announcements, refusing to approve its educational events, and treating the GSA differently than other clubs;

(2) discriminating against students who are or are perceived to be LGBTQ and GNC by making and allowing teachers to make harassing remarks such as calling students or things “gay,” saying “that’s so gay” in the classroom, and in one instance making overt discriminatory comments about the Homecoming Queen’s decision to wear a suit in lieu of a dress; failing to investigate, respond adequately to, and discouraging students from filing official complaints about anti-LGBTQ harassment and discrimination; retaliating against staff who advocate for the rights of the GSA and LGBTQ and GNC students; failing to implement, publicize, or train staff about clear policies and practices regarding discrimination and harassment; censoring discussion of LGBTQ issues at school; and treating same-sex couples differently by selectively enforcing PDA rules against them, excluding them from school traditions such as “favorite class couple,” and punishing LGBTQ students more harshly for misconduct than other students;

and (3) imposing gender stereotypes and suppressing expressions of gender non-conformity by establishing and threatening to enforce gender stereotypical dress codes at school social events.

The ACLU is threatening a lawsuit if things don’t change.

This comes as a study released Thursday shows 89% of students in California report having heard homophobic slurs from students and 14% from school staff, while 37% reported being harassed because of their sexual orientation.

The report, titled ”School Climate in California,” further examines data taken from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s National School Climate Survey of 2011.  As the wider report shows, California and Illinois are not the only states with a bullying problem.

GLSEN has been able to break down the results of its National School Climate Survey, which includes responses from 8,584 students between the ages of 13 and 20 from all 50 states and the District of Columbia and from 3,224 unique school districts, to create a state-by-state snapshot of the bullying students face.

Every state, from the most deeply conservative to the fly away liberal, sees bullying persist, and in particular anti-LGBT bullying. The vast majority of students report hearing homophobia and anti-trans sentiment nearly every day. Most feel victimized just walking down the halls.

And bullying kills. Most recently, it appears to have driven 15-year-old Oregon student Jadin Bell to attempting to kill himself in the playground of his school. He subsequently died after being taken off life support. Bell’s story is just one among many.

We owe it to every child in America to act. Thankfully some lawmakers are doing just that.

Rep. Linda Sanchez recently introduced into the House the Safe Schools Improvement Act. A Senate version of the bill (S. 403) was introduced by Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) on February 28. The Act has bipartisan support. It is not controversial.

It seeks to protect all, to enforce federal anti-bullying mandates and to ensure that if districts do not act, then their federal funding will be threatened; it enumerates specific classes, including sexual orientation and gender identity, because research has shown that by identifying those classes, we are able to track high risk groups and see that appropriate measures are being taken to help them.

Congress has so far failed to move on previous versions of the Safe Schools Improvement Act. Its opponents claim that the Act will enshrine the gay agenda in schools.

The only gay agenda in our schools is one of earning an education; of hopefully making lifelong friendships; of making a promising start for a fulfilling adult life; and, unfortunately, the main gay agenda in school is still, for many today, just about surviving.


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Robyn Brice
Robyn Vorsa4 years ago

Ignorance breeds ignorance, I bet a lot of the kids doing the bullying come from homes where the parents are homophobic a-holes. The teachers and the schools need to do more to prevent this.

Kayleigh Harter
Kayleigh Harter4 years ago

Institutionalized bigotry...great. How are victims supposed to get justice when the school authorities not only condone bullying, but actually join in? Thankfully there are people willing to do something about it.

Deryck B.
Deryck B4 years ago

I agree so much with your article and abhor anti people behaviour everywhere including all form of LGBT discrimination

But why the insularity or parochial and at the same time imperialist attitude expressed in your article
We owe it to every child in America to act

"We owe it to every child in America to act"

ONE That is so "we States People (there is more to "Americas" than States People - although for years your government controlled by force subterfuge death and destruction way beyond its borders esp in SOuth America and Cuba) are more "real people" 9 in anthological terms) than anyone else" which is unfortunately a very real problem in the States and has resulted in States people directly and indirectly killing torturing and displacing more people world wide since Victory in Europe than any other nation on earth.

Why just States children to be protected This is an international forum and an international problem not a local county "deep south' forum

What you do (be it killing which as a country you excel in) and in giving to others - which as individual States People many of you also excel in ) affects people round the globe - for good or for bad Is the same in all countries Please can we start to have a Global not a States attitude?

Why just States' children?

TWO And by referring to USA / "America" as though you were the whole of "America" you reinforce this attitude of "USA IS tops" which is of course the attitude of bullies the w

christine robertson

What sort of homes do these kids come from?

Laura Saxon
.4 years ago

Great article, thanks for sharing. Gays should not be bullied, either in school or in general, they are part of the population and should be treated with respect.

Sonya Armenia Redfield

Just leave guy people a lone ... what harm are they to you !

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush4 years ago

The homophobes out there should GROW-UP and stop calling themselves Christians, which I'm certain most do.
GET A LIFE, mind your own business, and try following in the footsteps of Christ. He would never have behaved in this manner.
When you mistreat another person, you simply show your own lack of self-respect and lack of self-confidence.

It really doesn't matter if homosexuality comes from 'nature' or 'nurture'. It's totally immaterial; it just doesn't have any significance.
What matters is, how individuals treat other individuals.

In terms of artists and homosexuality, the comparison lies in the area of the humanities. If you don't get the connection, that explains everything.

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush4 years ago

I can't wait to hear from any lunatic, who says that in 99% of these cases, the parents are not at fault.
Kids who behave in this manner are taught that this is O.K., otherwise, they wouldn't do it. I'm not a vengeful person, but, this type of situation, brings me pretty close. In fact, I realize that vengeance is not the answer, because no one wins. However, these abusers and their parents, are in need of therapy.

There should be financial restitution paid by the parents of these kids. The parents can then deal with their 'sweeties' on their own.
Generally speaking, MONEY SPEAKS, in a serious fashion.

I had better end this, as my anger is taking over, my sense of reason.

Aud Nordby
Aud nordby4 years ago


Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se4 years ago