Syria: Obama Signs Covert Order Authorizing Support For Rebels

President Obama has also reportedly signed a covert order that authorizes US support for the rebel forces fighting to depose Assad and his government. The order was approved earlier this year and allows the Central Intelligence Agency and other US agencies to provide aid to help the rebels remove President Bashar al-Assad from power.

The day after Kofi Annan quit as special envoy to the United Nations and the Arab League, the UN General Assembly is to vote on a resolution criticizing the Security Council for failing to take action on Syria in a conflict that has lasted for 17 months and, with the death toll exceeding 20,000, has proved the bloodiest of the Arab Spring uprisings.

The UN will also denounce Syria for sending tanks, artillery, military helicopters and warplanes against the populations of Aleppo and Damascus and demand that Assad’s regime not use its chemical and biological weapons and keep these under strict control.

This anti-Syria resolution is expected to pass the vote of the 193-member General Assembly. Its Arab sponsors had included demands — removed at the objection of Russia and others — that Assad step down and that other nations also place sanctions on the nation, which is now in the midst of civil war.

Annan was appointed in February to seek a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria. But the terms of the six-point peace proposal that he negotiated with Assad in April have never been carried out, says the Guardian:

Critics had assailed Annan’s plan from the start on the grounds that it allowed Assad to pay lip service to diplomacy and haggle over the terms while pursuing a violent crackdown on the opposition.

Apart from a few days in April, the Syrian government ignored calls for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of forces from cities. Few prisoners were released, access for humanitarian workers and the media was limited and political dialogue proved impossible as positions polarised.

A force of 300 UN observers was mobilized slowly over six weeks and could only stand by as violence — the Houla massacre — increased.

Fighting rages on in Syria. Regime forces have been seeking to regain control of Aleppo from the Free Syrian Army, which claims that it controls 50 percent of the city. Activists estimate that at least 170 people died on Thursday, with dozens being killed in Hama and at least 15 in a Palestinian refugee camp at Yarmouk, near Damascus, by a mortar.

The White House also reported on Thursday that Obama has approved an extra $12 million in lifesaving humanitarian aid to Syrians, bringing the amount of US aid for food, water and medical supplies to $76 million.

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

thank god. Those citizens have been hanging on by their fingernails for over a year.

Michael C.
Michael C5 years ago

Terry V, Vote for whom? They are both losers, better to vote for Donald Duck.

Ubummer is might want get out his Kenyan passport, just in case. Hey, Ubummer take your drones with you, you'll need them.

As for Mitt "the Twit" Romney, my advise for careful, the Devil does not like competition.

OK folks, move along, nothing see here, we have finally reached the bottom of the barrel.

Gosh, and I thought GeoBush was bad, and his was, is and ever shall be, after all, as one good Texan once told me, "He ain't no Bush...he's a shrub." I would the guess that such is not considered a compliment.

Good news is GeoBush has a new book out, and you thought that he could not read or write.
Look for it in the children's section, it comes complete with a set of Crayons, the colours are all red, Geo's the blood of innocents.

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

Remember to VOTE in November.

Michael C.
Michael C5 years ago

Carl O, al Assad is not begging for aid as you have stated, he merely is attempting the pressure the Russians to complete an arms delivery that was long bought and paid for. Aside from that, he is still waiting for the return of a number of helicopters that the Russians were rebuilding.

The one thing that al Assad is pleading for, fuel, he desperately needs more fuel, to run the Terrorist into the sea and drown them as you would a sickened rat.

You be pleased to know that a Russian convoy is on its way to a Syrian port, with 1500 Russian Marines aboard. The plot thickens.

To all of you who have come to sing the praises of the New Party line, beware, the devil himself is behind this and Obummer is his handmaiden from hell.

Obummer and the US designed this civil war, it is part of what is called The Middle East Partnership Intuitive, a 5 year, 7 nation plan of destabilization of Muslin countries.

Something like what Fox Fascist News attempts to do each day with their State Supported Propaganda. "The Terrorist are coming."

Hell, they are already here, Congress, the Senate, the WH, the Pentagon and all those American companies that build those Weapons of Mass Destruction, in an effort to kill the innocent.

Steve R.
Steve R5 years ago

Michael C - thanks for the compliment.

See - it's really not hard to agree with logic and common sense....

Sent you a green star in appreciation.

Steve R.
Steve R5 years ago

Jan W - and because Bush did it, it's okay for the "big promises" Obama to do it as well????

As long as he and his supporters like you, can continue to blame Bush????

We didn't vote for Bush dearie - we voted for someone that promised us he WASN'T Bush!

Jan W.
Jan W5 years ago

Steve R. - "And once again - Obama acts without congressional approval."

I do believe it was BUSH's Congress which gave the White House the legal right to reign war without Congressional approval. During Bush's terms, Congress gave more power to the Presidential branch than ever before. Of course, it was done to make a Republican president more powerful and they didn't think about what happens later.

pete M.
peter m5 years ago

Making more weapons for more civil wars is not the answer for world peace.

Todd K.
Todd K5 years ago

And now we know where the next war is going to happen...

Michael C.
Michael C5 years ago

My god, say it is not so, I have arrived at a place that I never thought possible. Is it a dream?

I actually "agree" with," oh, say that is not so, Steve R, the evil prince of Darkness, and that was a compliment.

I do disagree on one point, Steve, he is really YOUR president, my greatest problem with him and there are two.
1st I have no way of knowing whether or not he and his transition team worked well with the other prince of Darkness, Bush. But, his first act, he should to developed a plan, one that would have possibly staved off, a small percentage of the horrors that were to come. The housing foreclosures, the market downfall, the spiraling upward of debt.

2nd This insane obsession with The Killer Drone Program. What is that I smell, let me see, my god, another 911. It is delivered by way of a drone and it will be another domestic act.
Where is Carly Simon, when you need her? Ok, I will try...Bring the Drones, there ought to be Drones, Bring down the Drones. The CD will be out in two short weeks, order early.

Oh, where was I, OK, lost, but I have thought, on November 4th , we all stay home, go to the beach, take a blind person to lunch at Hooters. It will drive the Repugnants crazy, actuality why drive. For them it is such a short walk.

My thanks to Steve R, you are my inspiration, my seed to the heart of darkness.

signed, a jew for jesus, currently enjoying Ramadan in Tel Aviv, with a former Black Panther.