Take Action! No Live Animals At London Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Bad news for animals.

Unbelievably, live farmed animals Ė including sheep, ducks and chickens Ė are to be used as part of the Olympic opening ceremony in London at the end of July. Did anyone check with the animals, to see if they wanted to be subjected to this nightmare?

From The Manchester Evening News:

(Director) Danny Boyle said upon revealing the plans that “The opening scene of the July 27 ceremony represents a traditional and idyllic view of the British countryside. “It is a green and pleasant land because it is something we are really proud of.”

The controversy is over the part of the ceremony that sees faux farmers tilling soil while animals graze. The animal cast will include 12 horses, three cows, two goats, 10 chickens, 10 ducks, nine geese, 70 sheep and three sheep dogs. It has been estimated that the ceremony will cost approximately £27 million and will last for an hour.

To put that into context Boyle’s 2008 Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire cost £15 million to make and had a running time of two hours.

The myth of beautiful Britain full of small, pretty farms is just that, a myth. The reality is that most animals raised for meat and dairy in Britain are increasingly intensively farmed. Almost all chickens, ducks and most pigs are kept indoors in factory farms in their thousands. This vision of the British countryside is about as believable as the Teletubbies.

Even worse, this decision is both exploitative and potentially cruel. Using farmed animals as living props raises serious welfare concerns. The animals will be terrified, as they are subjected to the pandemonium of an Olympic opening ceremony. And for what?

If you are horrified at the idea of using live animals at the Olympic opening ceremony, please sign our petition asking the organizers to make London 2012 something to be proud of and to abandon their plans for these animals.

And thank you.

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Mary K.
M. C5 years ago

The use of animals is just rubbish ! Leave any and all animals out of this ! They should have no part in the Olympics, especially the equestrian events !

Howard C.
.6 years ago

Having watched the opening ceremony we now know that this is a lot of old rubbish!

The lesson here is DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ IN THE NEWSPAPERS, sometimes that make things up.

I really would have thought that someone of Judy Molland's experience would know this.
How about an apology for getting it wrong!

federico bortoletto


Berny p.
berny p6 years ago


ryan b.
Ryan B6 years ago

Does anyone really want to see an animal at the olympics? Maybe a worldwide poll needs to be done.

Harley F.
Harley F6 years ago

I don't exactly think that Europe will be affected that much. The UK isn't part of the Euro.

Lisa S.
Lisa S.6 years ago

Seems to me a gross wste of money when all Europe is in a debt crisis and the euro is in danger! WOW! Really, what a WASTE!!! We all know there are beautiful fields, valleys, etc. We'll probably see that in the opening of every game day from aerial footage shot from planes! Come on, let's leave the animals out of this, this is about human athleticism and competition. show some creative and awe-inspiring talents of these participants instead, OR from the local "wanta bes"!!

Marlene Dinkins

signed thnx

Marlene Dinkins

signed thnx

Lawrence Travers
Lawrence Travers6 years ago

This is about as stupid as using animals as "oracles" to predict football winners. I have withdrawn financial support of the Olympics. They are NOT to celebrate sport. They have become politically tainted, drug ridden, and the cheaters often win.