Take Action to Eliminate Puppy Mills in Your State

This week, a bacterial infection linked to puppies from pet stores has sickened both dogs and people.

To fight back against the Campylobacter outbreak, Care2 activists are stepping up efforts to ban the sale of puppy mill dogs across the United States. More than 200 U.S. cities and counties already ban pet stores from selling puppy mill pets.

Celebrate Puppy Mill Awareness Day on September 19, and sign these Care2 petitions to eliminate puppy mills from your state. Some petitions have already received more than 100,000 signatures!


Ban the sale of puppy and kitty mill animals in Oregon pet stores.


Stop selling puppy mill animals at pet stores.

Brevard County, Florida

Ban retail sales of dogs and cats in Brevard County, Florida.


Ban the import and sale of mill bred animals.


Demand that Georgia stops selling puppy mill pets at pet stores.


End the sale of puppy mill dogs in Massachusetts pet stores.


All dogs and cats sold in Minnesota pet stores should come from shelters or rescue groups.


Require all dogs and cats sold in pet stores to come from local shelters.


Demand that Arkansas pet stores use animals from animal shelters instead of breeders.


Require all dogs and cats sold in pet stores to come from local shelters and rescue groups.

New York

Require all dogs and cats sold in pet stores to come from shelters.

Oregon resident Christina Anderson hopes that her petition can help inspire national regulations. While her state doesn’t have as many industrial puppy mills as places like Louisiana and Alabama, pet stores still ship in animals from out of state. 

“The conditions that these puppies are raised in are horrific. You know, the regulation, you really have no proof that they’re even purebred. A lot of them are inbred or overbred,” says the Springfield-based Paws Across America leader. “And they’re sickly.”

Anderson adds that the animals are sometimes shipped in a cramped van that’s not temperature-controlled. Drivers may leave dogs in the car overnight, and this weakens their immune systems by the time they reach their new owners.

“As far as rescues and shelters and foster and transporting and so on, there’s a huge need for that, across the country. But it’s a Band Aid,” Anderson says. “It’s a bandaid for what really needs to be done, which is legislation.”

If you want to make a difference on an issue you find deeply troubling, you too can create a Care2 petition, and use this handy guide to get started. You’ll find Care2’s vibrant community of activists ready to step up and help you.


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