Takeashine: The First Crowdfunding Platform For Students

In the last three decades, college tuition has grown over 900%. It is one of the biggest burdens families face today. The inability to pay for higher education is even greater for families from underserved backgrounds.

Through the proven effectiveness of crowdfunding, Takeashine’s online community platform will help students meet their financial needs for higher education. The platform will allow students to showcase their talents using a variety of assets like a portfolio, resume, a photo of a sculpture they made or even a video of them performing a soliloquy from King Lear to encourage donors to support them and their goal of achieving a higher education.

Students are not only able to attend college but they will also gain valuable business and marketing skills throughout the process. Takeashine is the ultimate learning-enabling technology.  They have already reached their tipping point, which means they will be able to launch their website very soon for participating students.

Every penny raised post-tipping point will go towards the upkeep and maintenance of Takeashine’s daily operations. They will also be able to speed up the efficiency of the application process and enable students to begin raising money sooner and more effectively.

For every $200 dollars raised after the tipping point, Takeashine will use the funds to execute awareness campaigns and inform low-income communities about their alternative solution to financing college tuition.

If you’d like to help students proactively raise funds for their college tuition, please click here to make an impact today.

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Photo credit: tom chandler via flickr


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