Tap Water Is Cleaner Than Bottled Water (And Other Shocking Facts)


Today, as I stood in line at the grocery store, watching the woman in front of me haul a huge case of bottled water up to the†conveyor†belt, I felt that familiar twinge…a combination of frustration and confusion.

All I could think about was those 24 unnecessary bottles ending up in the landfill. And the unnecessary†oil it took to make the bottles. And the unnecessary mess that was made while extracting the oil.

“Why, why, WHY?” I wondered. Why would you pay for bottled water every week when perfectly good water flows out of every faucet in your house?!

And then it dawned on me. The answer was right there on the packaging. “Purified water.” One of the biggest reasons people buy and drink bottled water is because they think it’s cleaner than tap water.

But 40 percent of all bottled water in the U.S. is actually taken from municipal water sources. Bottled water companies are literally bottling up the same water that comes out of your faucet, jacking up the price and laughing all the way to the bank.

Also disturbing is the fact that far less testing is done on bottled water than on tap water.†It turns out that unlike tap water, bottled water isnít tested for e. coli. And it can be distributed even if it doesnít meet the quality standards of tap water. Unlike tap water, bottled water isnít required to produce quality reports or even provide its source.

Feeling that anger and confusion yet? Scroll on to learn more.

The Facts About Bottled Water

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Cindy S
Cindy Smith10 months ago


Alex A
Alex A2 years ago

I want more and more articles and blogs please post soon such informative information.


Jomarkk S.
Jomarkk S.4 years ago

It's weird that I drink water from a pump in the Philippines and I'm still alive. The faucet that I drink there has a sweetness taste. The water we use to cook our food is from the faucet. America is already disgusted with their water quality, what more if you live in third world country?

Admir R.
Admir R.6 years ago

Dont buy this people. This is a scam and a lie. The government is trying to lure you into drinking their toxicly laced tap water to weaken you for the soul purpose of population control. Stick to bottled water filtered by reverse osmosis. Trust me on this one.

Viki V.
Viki A6 years ago

intersting, thank you

Huber F.
Huber F6 years ago

This cost me more than what it worth..

Michele J.
Michele Jones6 years ago

Amen Sylvie!! Not all of us that buy bottled water are throwing the bottles into the landfills or ocean! My tap water smells strongly of chlorine....no thanks!!

Sylvie P.
Sylvie P.7 years ago

I am sick and tired to hear of the wonders of pure tap water. Here is the deal: tap water contains fluoride, deliberately put there by our dear government. Fluoride happens to be a carcinogen. I agree that most bottled purified bottled water is a waste of money because it contains those very same contaminents. So you are right, why pay for dirty water when you can get it for free? However, if you stick with water purified by reverse osmosis, you will get fluoride-free, chemical free water as reverse osmosis is the gold standard of filtration. In my area, the two big supermarket chains Publix and Winn Dixie filter their store brand in this way, and it is affordable. Of course, it would be best if I could install a reverse osmosis filter in my kitchen, but they are quite pricey. On top of this, I have tried ALL kinds of bpa-free stainless steel bottles for my kids, and the verdict is always that it has a nasty metallic bytaste or after taste. Which means they won't drink from this bottle, which means they get dehydrated. What am I supposed to do? I can only work with what I have. Quit making people feel guilty when they make the best choice they can for their families, and try to look beyond the big picture. The little details that spell words like "reverse osmosis" on a 24-bottle pack of water can make a big picture. Not everybody is a bimbo who drinks from a plastic bottle. And by the way, whoever wrote this article with this exasperatingly exasperated voice - I would be inte

LM Sunshine
James merritt jr7 years ago

wow! surprising, interesting info, thank you!

Rosemary Zin
Rosemary Z7 years ago

I don't buy bottled water anymore, after seen the harm they do to the ocean and to the creatures that live there. I bought a pitcher filter instead, and use tap water. The taste was a little different in the beginning, but now I got used to it.