Tevolution Brews Up Funds for Causes

You all know I love cause marketing – a partnership between a nonprofit and for-profit for mutual profit. But I also love iced tea. So it’s no surprise that I love Tēvolution, a delicious new brand of iced tea from Purpose Beverages, Inc., launching right now in in Washington, DC and Los Angeles.

This is purpose-driven entrepreneurship as Tēvolution was created specifically with causes in mind. But their model is also a great example of cause marketing that uses text messaging – SMS – to direct donations and engage consumers.

The company has initially partnered with four nonprofits and contributes 25 cents from every bottle sold to one of these causes.

Those of you who read my post on SMS last week know that I have a renewed interest in SMS because of its ease of use and widespread adoption. In short, just about everyone knows how to text. But not everyone understands QR codes, location-based services and apps.

And that’s just one of the reasons Tēvolution co-founders Ian Simpson and Gerard Artavia chose to go with SMS.

Here’s how Tēvolution works.

Once you tear off the label, you still have the choice of going online to enter your bottle’s unique code. This is a good idea your first time as you can create a profile for yourself that, among other things, allows you to share your giving with friends on Twitter and Facebook, and track your total contribution.

The Tēvolution guys have even gone the distance there, optimizing the same message for SMS text (160 characters), Facebook (embedded branding), and Twitter (140 characters, @ user names, and great use of Twitter-speak).

Tēvolution chose SMS for what it’s meant for: broad reach. Text is just the messenger. In addition, Tēvolution smartly engages consumers with a variety of messages that are designed to educate them about the causes they’re supporting. It’s a cross-platform approach that really shows what a company can do when thinking outside the box. Their texts include a link to a richer media experience for those with smartphones, in this case a landing page with an embedded video on the cause.

“We wanted to be at the leading edge of cause branding,” explained Ian. “We are transparent about how much we’re giving and how we support our nonprofit partners who make a real impact in communities across the US.”

Regardless of the type of cause marketing your cause or company is using, Tēvolution offers an excellent example of how and why more promotions should include the simple, but ever-present text message.

How is your cause or company using text messaging for cause marketing?

Tevolution is currently available in our nation’s capital and Los Angeles. You can also order it online at Amazon. Visit their “Info” section on Facebook for locations. Stay tuned for their launch in other cities. I hope Boston is next on their list!

This post originally appeared on Selfishgiving.com and is republished here with permission. Joe Waters is co-author of Cause Marketing for Dummies, which is due to be released this month.


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This is really awesome but-again-maybe they should give people two choices: to donate by buying their merchandise and to simply donate the cash without having to buy anything. I'm saying this because I can think of several companies that try to help yet their merchandise, or their price range, doesnt please me, so I miss an opportunity to help a really cool cause.

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Great idea...good luck!

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Kudos to Ian and Gerard from Tévolution!

Thank you Joe for posting.

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Clever idea!