Texas: “Hog Out” Is Out Of Line!

October is not a good month to be a feral hog in the state of Texas. That’s because the state’s Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples has declared this month “Hog Out Month – Get the Hog Outta Texas!” 

TAKE ACTION: Tell Texas to stop shooting hogs!

Staples is offering grants to counties in the hopes of spurring a statewide bloodbath. Texas estimates there are 2 million feral pigs roaming the state and they cause $400 million in damage every year.

“Not only are feral hogs a costly nuisance to agricultural operations and wildlife habitats, but they are increasingly finding their way into urban areas and destroying residents’ yards, public parks and golf courses,” Staples said in a statement when the campaign was unveiled.

Well, golf courses might not be everyone’s first priority, but these creatures do prey on some young animals, and can destroy rangeland, pastures and crops. And they are regarded as a challenge to hunt or trap because they are wary and smart. (There’s a reason George Orwell put the pigs in charge in “Animal Farm”!)

But is the solution to encourage Texans to lock and load and hunt down the animals?  In addition to the challenge to counties to compete for the most hogs killed, the Texas Department of Agriculture is also sponsoring a “Hog Out Tailgate Party.”

Texans may love their guns, but sponsoring a mass killing is not the right way to deal with this man-made problem.

Click here to tell Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Todd Staples to find a humane way to handle the hog overpopulation.

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Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K6 years ago

I still say I'd take a pig over a drunk Texan with a big gun.

Arthur W.
art W6 years ago

Donate to soup kitchens and the poor? Sure but are these brave hunters going to come down from their $450/hr helicopters to gather the corpses? Not too likely. What about sterilizing them with darts so their population declines?

Tom P.
Tom Parsons6 years ago

Homo Sapiens is the only species capable of controlling its own numbers. Pigs, cats, etc. won't. Hunting the wild pigs is the only way to bring our environment back into balance. The meat could be donated to soup kitchens, plowed into land they've damaged; maybe other options?

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

to the people who want to kill humans, can you sign my petition to protect trolls on the internet and not criminalize cyberbullying. tis is like the human hunting you want
because if someone is made fun of for being ugly and stupid and they kill them self. it's like bringing down a trophy elephant. only with the positivity of getting rid of worms in your brain.

so yeh. make it protect the Internets natural predators . Save the Demons as well

Ruadh S.
Ruadha S7 years ago

First--I'm not a Texan, but I know what ferals can do. TNR is ridiculous for hogs. This is not an 8 lb. cat. It is a 100 to 400 lb. beast with razor sharp tusks and they rarely travel solo. You can set a livetrap and safely catch a cat for TNR, you can't catch a pack of hogs in any trap I've ever seen. And they can out-breed and out-live cats.

Second--read Alice M, Tim R, and Diane L--I won't repeat all their excellent points. I can guarantee that most people who have feral hogs in the neighborhood aren't worried about golf courses. Would you want your children, pets or property threatened by large dogs trained to attack and kill ? These hogs are far more dangerous and no one has to train them.

Third--I haven't a SINGLE practical "humane" way posted here.

Yes, it is a human created problem--started by the first settlers on the East Coast who brought pigs with them and turned them loose in the forests to feed themselves, They'd round them up in the fall, but never get them all. So the feral population has been around for centuries, and unless you can time travel the problem can't be adjusted at the start.
I can't remember the source, (or exactness) but this fits "The time to consider draining the swamp is not when up to your ass in alligators"

Christopher Webb
Chris Webb , MD7 years ago

Signed and noted. Such a sad story.

Carol Lopez
Carol Lopez7 years ago

humans are so overpopulated we're practically a plague by now. we don't (or rather shouldn't) kill ourselves or any overpopulated animals just to reduce their species.

Dianne D.
Dianne D7 years ago

Signed the petition on October 20th. We need more compassionate people in government offices that deals with animals, wildlife and the environment. We need people who will teach others how to co-exist rather than kill what bothers us.

Amber M.
Amber Beasley7 years ago

this is ridiculous!

Anja N.
Justin R7 years ago


I have great pity for some writers, their lack of compassion is another soul lost.