Texans Fleeing To Mexico For Reproductive Health Care

Now that Gov. Rick Perry (R) and his anti-choice supporters have succeeded in making abortion and reproductive health services nearly impossible to access in Texas desperate women are crossing the border into Mexico in search of drugs they hope can terminate their pregnancies.

According to the Texas Tribune, more reproductive health providers are treating women who have taken Misoprostol, a drug used to treat ulcers but can be used in medical abortions, but are still pregnant. These women got the drugs from pharmacies in Mexico with very little, if any instruction or supervision. The drugs are safe, but in order to work properly women must take the appropriate dosage.

Abortion-rights advocates are concerned that more women will go underground and risk their health in this way. In 2011, Texas lawmakers made deep cuts in financing for family planning for low-income women. And a new law that requires a woman seeking an abortion to receive a sonogram 24 hours ahead of the procedure that is, to make at least two visits to the abortion clinic may be prompting some to seek alternate abortion methods.

Ultimately any additional delay, expense or hurdle a woman must clear to access reproductive health services puts her at greater risk for a poor outcome, either in terms of an aborted pregnancy or carrying that pregnancy to term. The fact that women in Texas are going to Mexico for services they cannot access in this country is an abomination and the real legacy of the Perry administration. Poor women and women in crisis are quite simply expendable to the Perry administration.

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Sonia Roberts
Sonia Roberts4 years ago

@All I apologize, it seems my comment was cut off by a few sentences. I was sent no alert to shorten before sending it. ** Take from it what you will. My last line pertains to... all of those that we've sent to foreign lands to assist in standing up democracy. While here at home we are seeing an erosion of our democratic values in general. Have a great day!

Sonia Roberts
Sonia Roberts4 years ago

The standard accepted by most had been "Safe, Legal and Rare". A balanced respectful position, leaving as I feel it should be, a most challenging decision to the woman, faced with it. On the matter of contraception, for those who hold the pro-life position, and I know people who do. Those who are opposed to working women without healthcare and poor women having equal access to contraception or to the recent accomodation reached on the mandate in Obamacare, I'm hardpressed to understand. Studies have shown access to contraception keeps the number of abortions down. The objective being that we would all like to see is a reduction in unplanned pregnancies. The importance of the increased ability for family planning among couples, for it is they who know best the needs of their circumstances and when they might best be prepared to welcome their desired child. So that women stricken with severe health issues that can be best managed by a prescription, of varying dosages, of birth control medication would be able to acquire them. How can making this possible impede upon anything, except the politically driven desire to exercise control over women, their bodies as incubators, separate them from their rights, aspirations and emotions. To nullify the "right to privacy" that was gained by women in ROE. My good citizens, we are not a theocracy, as much as many Red state governors and elected officials would like to make it so. We have sent our sons, daughters, fathers, husbands, mother

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

Judith G.."women bashing by other women is so wrong as to be mind boggling! Some sociologists feel that oppression of women by women is to reduce competition for men."

Maybe. OR...maybe a lot of it is unconscious hatred for women who dare to step out of the religiously-inspired BRAINWASHING and live lives of freedom and self-determination!

I've found that "good girls" often resent women who are independent and free. Deep down, they're just too afraid to step outside the brainwashing.

Liliana G.
Liliana Garcia5 years ago

Kathy M and Judith g are on target over the true conditions in which most things are decided in many places including many in the USA. Many people decide over what OTHER people have face and to go through, including women's issues. These conditions, I may add, include raising children in precarious conditions in which the blabbermouths never intervene to correct or alleviate in any way. Women beget the working class needed for the rich and middle class, low wages, many "ilegal", disposable. If some women do not want such a future for their children they should be seen as equals who have a right to decide. Maybe when women feel appreciated and respected, the prospect of motherhood will mean a different, uplifting, exhilarating experience. It should be so. But first, let's build the kind of society where such feelings may thrive.

P B.
P B5 years ago

Obviously this is simply saber-rattling in the Texas State House to attract pharma lobbyists with their checkbooks.

Judith g.
Judith g5 years ago

There seems to be an awful lot of woman blaming by some of these posters. It harkens I'm sure, to their fundamental initial beliefs about women in general. I am not surprised when men bring out their negative, misogynistic rants about women because they are afraid of women. This has been the case for centuries! Now, women bashing by other women is so wrong as to be mind boggling! Some sociologists feel that oppression of women by women is to reduce competition for men. Maybe, but Rick Perry only stays governor because he is voted in by the populace in Texas. All of these neanderthals in Congress have been placed there by men AND women! When women start protecting themselves and stop pandering to male "superiority", we will have the health care, rights to LEGAL abortions and good reproductive and child care regardless of income.

Kathy M.
Kathleen M5 years ago

I am fed up with the legislation of the "morality police" in this country. If you don't want an abortion - don't have one. If you don't want to use contraception - don't use it. If you don't want gay marriage -- don't have a gay marriage. Leave the rest of us the hell alone!! Steve R. -- get a life! one that doesn't include thinking about what women should do in matters that have nothing to do with you. How F***ing arrogant you must be, to think you know what the rest of us should or shouldn't do! Why don't you work for gun control or anti-war programs where real live people are getting KILLED!?! If you Teabaggers want less government, shut the hell up about abortion, contraception & gay marriage --less government interference and less BS!!!!

Suzanne B.
Past Member 5 years ago

Texas seems to have reverted to the Stone Age.

Leia P.
Leia P.5 years ago


Bill C.
Bill C5 years ago

Hard to believe we have forgot so much in such a short timespan.

I was a young man when abortion was illegal, when it was illegal for blacks to enter or use some areas. A time I wish did not happen but would be a fool to not learn from.

Rights are best used judiciously with forethought and intent.

We need all services for reproductive rights, abortion included; it should come with the offer of education to assit finding effective birth control for the individual.