Thanks To GOP Policies, More People Now Work Until They Die

The New York Times is reporting that “A record 7.2 million Americans age 65 and older are working double the number 15 years ago partly because many older Americans love to work and partly because many feel too financially squeezed to retire.”

It’s not terribly surprising. Not so long ago, people used to be able to rely on Social Security and pensions. Now a company providing for an employee in retirement is unheard of, Social Security payments are delayed, and stocks took a dive, pulling down already struggling 401ks that were no longer receiving matches from employers.

Add to that the fact that the housing market tanked, making many potential retirees unable to sell off their homes and downsize to smaller dwellings or rentals while living off the sale price, and you have a myriad of reasons for older Americans to refuse to leave the workforce. On top of those concerns, health care costs — one of the biggest factors for the elderly — continue to rise, and the age of eligibility for Medicare leaves a huge gap between potential for retirement and an actual ability to leave a job that provides health insurance.

It’s yet another reason that the Affordable Care Act is necessary, and Republicans continue to try to cut that as well.

Every bit of the social safety net that could help seniors feel comfortable enough financially to leave their jobs has been either gutted to proposed for cuts by the Republican party, who then argues that the economy isn’t growing because there is no new hiring.

Republicans say they are all about creating jobs. In this case, it’s just one job, which they want to keep you working at until you die.

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Fred F.
Fred F5 years ago

Normally I wouldn't suggest that people start a mass boycott of all nonessential spending when the economy is so bad. The fact is that nothing about these times is normal. We as peons in this place that America has become have very few ways to make these aristocrats behave. One avenue still open to us is to stop spending. Stop all nonessential spending. For essentials like food, try hard to spend as little as possible. A large number of people doing this together would have a noticeable impact on the economy. It wouldn't take long at all. Make these parasites understand that whatever else they can do, they can't do much about us refusing to keep feeding their coffers. If this was organized and widespread, we'd be able to make it painful to the point that hopefully the GOP forces of darkness would back off. One very good part of this is the ability to be anonymous. No worries about retribution from your employer or anyone else. The action of not doing.

John powers
John filipiak5 years ago

You mean with Democrats copitulating to Republican legislation or lobbiest demands.

We have a one party system, that plays both sides to increase the profits of the 1%.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago

Just the way they like it...

Robert H.
Robert Hamm5 years ago

Whats even worse if that for every elderly person working thats one more young person who Cant. The sword has a double edge

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim5 years ago

This is very sad to hear. More and more elderly people have to continue working because they don't have the financial means to retire, but because they are old, it makes it even harder for them to find jobs or keep their jobs. The government is clearly not thinking straight and needs to reevaluated their priorities.

Leonard C.
Leonard Cook5 years ago

The poverty and downfall in America today is by design. Most of the people caught in this situation are College Graduates(53% unemployed). People over 50 who are pushed out of Corporate Jobs after 20 to 25 years of good service who will never find a job again. Getting paid minimum wage after following the American Dream, religiously saving out of regular pay checks all of their working life to have retirement. They are at or near poverty because financial institutions have over charged to over see pension funds. And WallStreet Giants who have paid themselves Billions in Bonus Checks while they lost working Americans life savings. 100 million Americans have lost Half of their retirement, and many have lost much more than 50%of retirement funds. More Old People are put in the street now by The Corrupt Big Banks that Forclose on them than. When Forclosed homes are counted in tens of Millions, that is more than ever in our history, Greed and Corruption are the cause. Big Money interests are out to eleminiate the middle class and their job is nearly complete, we really have a 2 class Country NOW, with the TOP 1% owning America while they have gains in their wealth of 35% yearly. The American workers adjusted income is the same as it was in the 80's while the Rich have never been more protected than at any point in our history. The Republicians have stopped any and all attempts at closing the loop holes or making the rich pay their share . Don't any of us see that America will fa

Leonard C.
Leonard Cook5 years ago

Please understand that my comments are not in any way directed at you personally, that was not my intent.
I think the people like you who take time to make comments on this site really care about America and you should be held in the highest regard for your thoughts and comments.
I'm an old student of economics and the political process that is directly effected by greed and misconduct. I invite all who are interested in America please read-"THE END OF AMERICA, Letter of warning to a young patriot" by Naomi Wolf. She is a scholar who explains in a clear and easy to read mannor. She writes here of the Blueprint for a Great country like America falling into Fascisn and then decline into Dictatorship. It's a quick read and you can see America in its pages, although the Blueprint has been followed for hundreds of years.
Again, Thank you so much for writing to me, I appreciate your comments and hope to read many more.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 5 years ago

Cori, OK I apologize. Several people on this particular blog have been pointing the finger at people who have fallen on hard times. I feel they did not deserve that.

Cori O.
Cori Ortiz5 years ago

@ Linda M, read my comments again, I believe I said, "some cases." that means not all or everyone that has been a victim to this economy. so please before you start slinging insults through name calling, understand what you read.

Leonard C.
Leonard Cook5 years ago

No Republician has a brain or reads history. NO Country will ever get in a growth position by NOT Taxing the rich and reducing benefits to the poor! You get Growth because you Invest, You do not grow the economy by fighting 2 wars at once and giving the rich 350 Billion, It just dosen't work that way. It is easy to go to War, It is very difficult to promote Peace. Likewise It is easy to attack and Hate rather than promote Kindness. The GOP loves to HATE, just Look at the Wars they create and Hate Radio they all love.
The GOP kills the poor in War, not the rich. The numbers are very clear here.
The GOP only works at counting money from High places, and never hear the cries of the Working People. Yes, The Rich will work All Working People To Death(Remember the German Death Camps). They were worked to Death while the Hate Filled stand on the sidelines afraid to intervene
AMERICA, Please stand back and take a real look at what is happening today.
This is the picture of America Right Now. The only difference is that The GOP has refused at EVERY vote to tax the Rich. They would vote Today to Spend on Defense and have the guts to take the money from Food Stamps and Programs for the Poor. This is by defination creating a Fascist State. Yes, the Republicians TODAY are creating the foundation for a Fascist State and the Dictatorship that always follows. Read History and you will see the Republician Blueprint for exactically what is happening Right NOW. The Republicians han