Thanks To Joe Biden, Will America Ever See The End Of Puppy Mills?

During the past 3 months, the abuse at puppy mills has been all over the news. I thought it would have been hard to miss, but apparently Vice President-elect Joe Biden wasn’t paying attention or decided to ignore the news when he adopted a purebred German shepherd puppy from a breeder.

Although Biden and his wife, Jill, did not buy from puppy mill, it’s a shame that they didn’t choose to set an example to the American public and adopt a rescue dog. It is especially disappointing because Biden has always stepped up to the plate when it comes to voting on animal welfare issues. In fact he has a 100 percent score for supporting every animal protection proposal.

So, what was he thinking? Doesn’t he realize that he is a role model and that people will follow his lead? Will American ever see the end of puppy mills?

What is really upsetting is that all of the good work many of the national rescue organizations have done in 2008 could be for nothing. Here are some of the highlights:

PETA’s Buy One, Gets One Killed campaign. When people buy a dog, another in a shelter is euthanized.

Best Friends Animal Society’s program called Puppy Store Free L.A. This is a campaign to close pet stores that buy from puppy mills. Three major shops closed in 2008.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and their recent investigation that Petland stores buy from puppy mills.

The ASPCA raid on a large scale puppy mill in Pennsylvania.

The HSUS raid and closure of a puppy mill in West Virginia and another in Tennessee.

Oprah Winfrey’s shows about the abuse and neglect at puppy mills.


GGma Sheila D.
GGmaSheila D4 years ago

All this negative crap about VP Biden is just that - crap. Look at his record on animal issues. Then understand that the purebred puppies need homes also. Puppy mills are one thing - yes, close them all! Reputable breeders are an entirely different thing - the key word being reputable. Cut the VP some slack and go back to denegrating all the puppy/kitty mills!

Rosemary D.
Rosemary D.8 years ago

On 3/7/09 I set up my petition to "Help Save The Pug". To date I have 40 signatures but I need more. My Winston, who chose me in '06, died of GME (brain disease, encephalitis, which in most cases is a result of genetic inbreeding. I want to save this wonderful breed but we have to somehow establish more stringent breeding practices. I did thorough reasearch before acquiring Winston and I was positive that this was meant to be for him and me. He gave me so much joy and love, he was my baby and I was "Mom"..what a wonderful 35 mos. we had together. Now, after only 2 days, he's gone. I'm heartbroken and plan to do what I can to stop these breeding practices and spare anyone the heartbreak that I feel right now. It must be stopped, not only to save the pug but other full bred animals. Please comment, join me in this fight to save the heartbreak of the owner but more importantly to spare your pet of, which can be, a sure death sentance! They cannot speak for themselves but we, as consumers and pet lovers, simply must speak for them...NOW!! I have a detailed medical report from a veterinary school of medicine which spells out what is known so far and I will gladly provide it to anyone interested in joining me to put a stop these breeding practices and save "our best friends". I look forward to hearing from you!!

Michele B.
Michele B8 years ago

Biden did get his dog from an individual
but they also went to the pound & got one & a Cat while they where there. Sometimes you just like a perticular breed & I understand that it is just so hard to find a puppy I have two rescues from a back yard breeder Shih Tzu never did I think I would have that breed but they needed me. And they
are sweet hearts. And it is dangerous to have large dogs around children when you no nothing about them or there back ground. But this does not change the fact that all puppy mills should be closed. Yesterday !

Lynda B.
Lynda B9 years ago

I think that attacking Joe Biden for having a pure bred dog is ridiculous. He loves animals & has been a much needed voice to their benefit. Please focus on what we each can do to help all animals each day of our lives. My last darling was a rescue dog & I couldn't love her more, but I've also had pure bred babies in the past.

Philomena B.
Philomena B9 years ago

Am I to understand that all breeders of purebred dogs are considered puppy mills? NOT! Sometimes people want particular characteristics in a dog that you are not so sure to get in a mutt or half breed. My daughter paid $175.00 for "pound puppy" that they were told was German Shepherd. Looked like one as a new pup too. Well guess what! "Chewy" is not even close to a shepherd, if she has any in her at all. She is however a well loved family member but no where near the type of pet that our beloved Justice was. Because of this my daughter went out and bought "Solo" a purebred GS from a breeder. She has the same intelligence, personality, manners and characteristics that my daughter wanted and that we had in our Justice who after 15 years had to be put down because of hip problems. Don't be so judgemental please. And leave Biden alone. Our concern should be what he does for our country, not his choice of dogs.

Sonya Hunter

All this would stop if the gov just closed them all down
but they don't care about anything not really . They could stop just about all of it & stop the suffering BUT THEY DON'T !!!!!!! The people who buy from puppy mills wants to be ashamed that they are helping to keep them going !! The people that would do it would be people like us , the people that care !!

Pat Allgood
Pat Allgood9 years ago

What exactly have any of you done to help any animal since this thread was started 12 days ago? I've trapped 4 feral cats and taken them to be fixed.
Harping upon the choice of our next VP's choice of a pet (especially here) is ridiculous. Wasting energy and being judgmental about something so inconsequential seems to me to be counterproductive if you want to really help animals.
I got an email and came over here and never will I come again. I could have spent the time that I've been on here calling people and asking for donations or volunteers for our local shelter.

victoria n.
victoria p9 years ago

Can we start a petition and send it to someone with clout I'll write it up if someone can tell me where it needs to be sent about the puppy mills, this has to stop, there are just too many animals out there that need adopted and these people need to stop breeding animals, so that the animals in the shelters can get adopted.

Jackie Bowen
Jackie Bowen9 years ago

This is typical of what we have become. This is why we need business licences. But you ate it! Inspect before you right that check!

Lindette B.
Lindette B9 years ago

What I say when people insist that they have to have a purebreed-I look at them & ask if they are a purebreed?!☺
Yes I agree there are more important situations, click & please sign the petetion! Thanks!