Thanksgiving Dinner Hit By Climate Change

Looking to fill that awkward pause during Thanksgiving dinner with some uncomfortable facts about climate change and the food just consumed? No, we’re probably not, either, but just in case, the infographic below gives some telling facts about the effects of extreme weather events on our national feast, including:

  • A 33% increase in the price of pumpkins in Texas due to drought;
  • A Midwest heat wave responsible for the death of 4,000 turkeys;
  • A shortage of Viognier wine grapes in California due to an unusually cold spring
  • Heavy rain decimating wheat in the Northwest and vegetables in the Northeast.


Extreme Thanksgiving

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Droughts,  floods and unseasonable temperatures have hit crops from pumpkins to wine grapes, leading to shortages and rising prices.  And, as a panel of 220 scientists confirmed last week, we can expect more extreme weather due to global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere in the decades to come. Perhaps the Thanksgiving table is as good a place as any to introduce the topic of human-caused climate change to Uncle Ned or Cousin Mabel. Thanksgiving may be more than a day to rest and digest; it could also be a learning opportunity.


Take Action

See and sign the petition: Talk to the Climate Change Skeptic in Your Life


Infographic courtesy Resource Media ( Used with permission.


Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers6 years ago

Time to rethink our needs and those of the planet.

Jennifer C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Love this great article. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth P.
Elizabeth P6 years ago

As long as people keep buying cell phones,wide screen tv's, thats just atiny bit of the problems causing climate change, electric cars the batteries are made from rare EARTH minerals that are mined from China, U.S.A, the list goes on and on. The governments and big Corporations wont ever stop raping the Rare Earth Minerals. As long as people keep buying what they really dont need. No I dont own a cell phone or wide screen tv. but I am guilty of useing a small laptop. Solar is still are best bet for all of this.

Tina R.
Tina R6 years ago

Such a beautiful planet we live on that provides us with all we need...or did, because our constant abuse and denial of the truth is killing everything even us, with the poisons that are spread on the land in the air and in the sea while the people continue to demand their luxuries.
Animals are so brutally treated on these factory farms and all because the people refuse to accept the truth that we can live without eating meat. The strange thing is these animals are pumped full of chemicals and hormones and the people know it, but still they eat it. No body wants to give up anything for fear of changing their lifestyle

Roger Monk
Past Member 6 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Donna S.
Donna Smallwood6 years ago

Let's face it, until we somehow annihilate CORPORATE GREED and everything it entails, there will be no hope for saving the Earth. We MUST stop destroying our home NOW so that there will be something left for our children and grandchildren to work with and live on. But, to be fair, we as consumers continue the problem with the "shop til you drop" mentality. WE create a market and a need for a supply, THEY are only too happy to oblige our demands! WE are the ones with the power to change this.... we can't depend on them to do it, they're all about the money! Learn how to want and take care of what you already have!!! I can guarantee you the first people to celebrate Thanksgiving Day didn't run to the local grocery store; the food they ate was created through MANY months of backbreaking labor. Christmas is another MAJOR contributor to the CORPORATE GREED cause. What lacks an energy source dies...kill off this monster by making your own stuff and letting a gift from the heart be good enough this year! That's how it was ALWAYS done until the last century. This would go a long ways towards relieving the climate and helping to heal the planet.

Joe Shults
Joe Shults6 years ago


Duane B.
.6 years ago

Welcome to the future of mankind!

monique r.
monique r6 years ago

I think we'll have to be more flexible in the future and eat more of what is readily available or plentiful that year as well as eat local food.

Johnathan Yeo
Norman Emmie6 years ago