The Courage Award Goes to…Michael Vick?

Ed Block was considered a hero. He served in World War II, was awarded a Purple Heart, earned a master’s degree and worked to help neglected children and end the cycle of abuse.

The Ed Block Courage Award is now given to NFL players who show “commitments to the principles of sportsmanship and courage.”

The recipient of this award symbolizes professionalism, great strength and dedication.  He is also a community role model.  With this honor, he enters into an association which contrasts his fierce profession by becoming a major component of the Courage House National Support Network for Kids. He becomes an Ambassador of Courage for victims of abuse, violence and neglect.

In December members of the Eagles voted unanimously for Michael Vick to be the recipient of this prestigious award.


This award of especially insulting considering recent evidence that was released by the USDA to under the Freedom of Information Act in regards to Vick’s investigation.

Informants told investigators that Vick and two others strangled low performing dogs by hanging them from trees, drowning them in buckets of water — one person holding the hind legs, another person holding the dog’s head. They said Vick and two others also killed dogs with a shovel, shot them and in at least one case slammed a dog to the ground until it was dead.Vick and co-defendants Purnell Peace and Quanis Phillips “seemed to get an adrenaline high when killing the dogs,” an informant said.

An award of this caliber is intended to put the recipient in a place where he can give a voice to the voiceless. It’s intended to acknowledge a quality in human beings that we can all reach to attain. It was never intended to stroke the egos of hypocrites. Vick did exactly the type of thing Block took a stand against: abusing the weak and the innocent. 

Congratulations to all of the other recipients who have overcome real obstacles and have become role models, like the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Richard Collier who was paralyzed as the result of a spinal cord injury, lost a leg and has since dedicated himself to being a speaker and role model for his area’s youth about personal responsibility and hopes to inspire positive changes.

Now that’s courage.



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ian L.
ian l8 years ago

I would like it if Micheal Vick were thrown into a pit with the best fighters on the planet and let them beat him to an inch of his life, then let him heal and recover to do it all over again.
That would be just punishment for the atrocities he has performed.

Lyn V.
Lyn V8 years ago

Sportsmen and women shouldnt be considered for these awards. They should remain in the sports areana awards system.

Manon G.
Gilles E9 years ago

Stupidité ??? Que seux qui gagne de telle honneurs sen le mérité et qui le save au fond de leurs coeur devrais remettre leurs honneurs a la société et s'excuser ...

Trish R.
Trish R.9 years ago

This is highly disturbing. MV lied 'repeatedly' about his 'repeated' acts of violence, over a period of about 2 years. His interest is in rebuilding his career and cash flow. He'll be a puppet until that happens. PERIOD

Denise L.
Denise L9 years ago

Wow this is disturbing. I'm so sick of cruel, stupid, mindless people being famous. I want to see more people that are truly good, honourable and noble. But that's just me

Jacquie Lamont
Jacquie Lamont9 years ago

I switched on my TV and I could not believe this was MIcheal Vicks running around on the football field!! I assumed he was LOCKED UP for a very long time..what message does this give
the rest of the international sporting world?..that you can do what ever you want in the US as long as you make money for the team

Sharon D.
Sharon D9 years ago

The Courage Award?????? Come on!!!!
Vick should have gotten the "Infamous" award

1 : having a reputation of the worst kind : notoriously evil
2 : causing or bringing infamy : disgraceful
3 : convicted of an offense bringing infamy

His name should be remembered for 3 reasons.
1)The diabolical web he created and weaved in the world of dog fighting,the way that he was personally involved with the torturing/killing of dogs, and the outrage he created around the globe amongst the animal lovers of the world.
Michael Vick is infamous.
Because of his evil ways,the state laws have finally started recognizing the problem,and have begun changing/making,and enforcing stronger laws towards these felons in these last two years. A baby step right now,but at least it's a beginning.
It makes me ill to think that some people really believe that he is remorseful,because he isn't.
The fact that the HSUS stands with Vick only makes me feel disappointed in them.
The Courage Award?????? NO,I don't think so.

Bonnie T.
Bonnie T9 years ago

Members of the Eagles? That shows just how hypocritcal the football establishment is regarding Vick and his abominable behavior. A pox on all their houses ... I have always found it incomprehensible how adults can get so involved in football ... Obviously the damage done to the brains and humanity of those who make up the Eagle camp have been hopelessly damaged by their constant physical battering and the ridiculous star status and incomes accorded them by a society whose values are ass backwards. It was infuriating that Vick was accepted back into the NFL and took up his millionaire's life as if he had never admitted to the atrocities he had committed against animals most of his life. A pox on all their houses. Their "fans" share in their shame.

Brenda M.
Brenda M9 years ago

This is just unbelievable. Please tell me how he showed courage and/or sportsmanship when he committed the brutal savagery on these poor innocent animals~~and appeared to enjoy it. He didn't even begin to sound sincere in apologizing for what he did. He shamed the sport of football as well as being a very poor role model for our youth of today. I believe any work he is doing for the animals is because he is forced to do it and wants to make himself look good~~I think it is all a scam.

Kimiyo N.
kim g9 years ago

Is this a joke? For what reason, does he deserve it? He should be punished badly but why rewards for him???
It totally sounds like that a person who killed a Jew(s) during the World War II would receive a Nobel Peace Prize.
People do not know what a shame is!!!