The Dead Sea is Dying, but Can It be Saved? (VIDEO)

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth — about 1400 feet below sea level. What’s more, it is continuing to drop a meter every century because the Jordan River, which feeds it, is drying up.

All the while this is happening, it continues to be a popular tourist spot, and its minerals have spawned a large cosmetics industry

The governments of Israel, Jordon, and the Palestinian Authority have joined forces to promote the Dead Sea in an Internet competition. They want to see the Dead Sea voted one of the seven natural wonders of the world. They have also agreed to a World Bank feasibility study of a conduit, in hopes of transferring water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea.

You’ll enjoy this video, which highlights the fascinating area, as well as the political and environmental problems associated with saving an amazing part of our planet. 

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Photo credit: Michael Tyler 


Terry V.
Terry V6 years ago


"The Earth is not only an environment. "She" is "Us". Her trees are our lungs, and her waterways are our circulatory system. Her cry reflects the cry of our own species as we disrespect, destroy and exploit one another. "We" are the generation that has perpetuated the practices that have created the deterioration of our Holy Mother Earth, and we stand accused. In this song, the voices of our children plead and demand for restoration of the planet. There is only one force that is capable of achieving what they now ask of us..."

QUOTE from the above video

sheila h.
sheila haigh6 years ago

If Isreal would stop diverting 85% of the water from the upper Jordan River for its swimming pools, the Dead Sea would be able to replenish itself.

Fenton Y.
Fenton Y.6 years ago

This makes me want to make a trip to the Dead Sea!

criss S.
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Cindy B.
Cindy B8 years ago

I swam in the Dead Sea! Soooo hot! And you really CAN sit "on" it and read your paper. But the water is so very, very salty and caustic, you can't get a drop in your eyes or mouth. Really burns! They have first aid stations all along the shore for exposure emergencies. Super fun all in all, though. So sad to hear about the shrinkage. It'll only get worse without help...

Juan Pablo de la Torre

It's happening everywhere.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W8 years ago

very sad

Borg Drone
Past Member 8 years ago

I Would love to visit the dead sea.

James Walker
James W8 years ago


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.8 years ago