The Dirty Truth About Tar Sands Oil Extraction

We now know that contrary to what Big Oil and its politicians would have you believe, the Keystone XL pipeline would put hundreds of American communities and the nation’s largest freshwater aquifer at risk from oil spill contamination.

A recent report also revealed that TransCanada, the company pushing to build the Keystone XL, grossly misrepresented the number of temporary jobs the pipeline would create.

But what about the immense damage caused by the extraction of the tar sands oil before it makes its way into the pipeline?

Tar sands take 3 barrels of water to process every barrel of oil extracted. Ninety percent of this water becomes so toxic that it must be stored in tailing ponds. Unfortunately these ponds regularly leach pollution into the third largest watershed in the world.

Learn more from the video below:

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W. C
W. Cabout a year ago


William C
William Cabout a year ago

Thank you for caring.

Maggie S.
Maggie S7 years ago

This project was protested at the White House and all across the country! NObama tabled it UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION, BECAUSE THERE WAS SO MUCH CONTROVERSY AGAINST IT! But, I am sure that, if he wins the election, he would have no doubt approved it because he is a big oil whore! Now, he has to make a decision before the election, and that is a good thing! Thousands said that if NObama let it go through, he would lose their vote! I am a life long Dem, but, Nobama is letting BP back into the Gulf with "voluntary" safety measures (we know how well that worked), and want to let Shell drill in the Arctic, which is a disaster waiting to happen! Keystone XL is a horrible project - it will not generate the jobs they claim it will and environmentally it is terrible! If NObama approves this, he will be letting down tens of thousands of the public (again), caving to the Repuglicans, and he is arrogant enough to think we won't notice! He is a jackass. I am ashamed I ever voted for him! I am going to vote Independent of write in, because the Repug candidates are even worse, but not much!

Ernest R.
Ernest R7 years ago

@ Rick M "a secure and safe and long lasting supply of oil " That does NOT describe the tar sands, and if your credentials are really what you say they are, you know it and are an irresponsible liar.

Dan W.
Dan W.7 years ago

My brother, Tom Weis, is trekking from Canada/Montana border to Texas on his "Rocket Trike" bring awareness to local towns along the proposed pipeline route. For more info and to read his journal, go to: Please also LIKE his facebook page:

Rose Balcom
Rose Balcom7 years ago

This is one of many well made videos about the Tar Sands. I know Andrew Nikiforic personally and he speaks from well documented facts. We are now scaping the bottom of the barrel for oil! Morally, we have no right to do this to the environment. But the environment doesn't matter when it comes to oil and money. The whole Tar Sands is an environmental disaster. If we would have invested those multi-billions of dollars spent on the Tar Sands on alternative energy we would all be better off, including the environment.

Rita White
Rita W7 years ago

thanks for sharing

Andrew Carvin
Andrew Carvin7 years ago

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