The DOJ Has a Homophobe As Its New Spokesperson

The last thing this country needs right now is another homophobe in the White House, yet the Trump administration has selected Kerri Kupec, a woman who’s made defending LGBT discrimination her life’s work, to be the director of the Office of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice.

Before becoming a leading spokesperson for the DOJ, Kupec spent the last several years working as an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom. The ADF is involved in cases defending conversion therapy and the firing of LGBTQ employees. ADF’s leaders have literally drafted some of the anti-trans bills that state legislatures have passed. Their work at this point is primarily focused on religious freedomSTRIKE making the lives of LGBTQ people hell.

You may not know Kupec by name, but chances are you’re familiar with her biggest case. She represented the homophobic cake baker, Jack Phillips, before the Supreme Court after he refused to provide his services for a same-sex wedding. Phillips and Kupec nominally won the case, but the Supreme Court refused to sign off on similar, subsequent discrimination (read the explanation here.)

Kupec herself appears on Fox News semi-regularly – a good way to get the president’s attention for sure – where she has bemoaned that the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled her organization a hate group. But what does Kupec expect given that her organization has broadly declared gay people “evil” that can’t be trusted around kids and has tried to recriminalize homosexual acts in other parts of the world?

Kupec’s job at ADF probably seemed like a natural fit for her after obtaining her law degree from Liberty University, the school founded by televangelist Jerry Falwell that has faced a lot of controversy for its hostility toward LGBT students and failing to address campus sexual assault.

Speaking of sexual assault, notably, Kupec’s current role is not her first time working with the Trump administration. She previously briefly joined the team to help push through the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, which gives an indication of the kind of justice for which she stands.

Given the Trump DoJ has pretty aggressively supported cases that promote LGBTQ discrimination, perhaps it makes sense for them to choose someone like Kupec to be the talking head that explains these inexplicable positions. That doesn’t make it a good choice for our country though – LGBTQ Americans deserve to have a Justice Department that doesn’t seek to scapegoat them and take away their rights.

Photo Credit: Patrick Ryan


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