The Marriage of a Soldier and His Boyfriend (VIDEO)


A video of two men, one of whom appears to be an active servicemember, getting married in the state of Iowa is taking the Internet by storm.

The men, referred to as Paul and David, are married by an officiant who comments “I’m very proud to live in a state that honors the rights of everybody to love and be loved. It’s too bad that not every state grants you that right. ”

Watch the video below:

The irony of this video is that the Supreme Court judges who ruled in 2009 that same-sex marriage must be legal under the Iowa Constitution were ousted by voters following a concerted effort by anti-gay rights foes who have since campaigned hard to try and enact a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in the state. It has been up to the Democratic Senate Leader Mike Gronstal to prevent the gay marriage ban from being taken up in the upper chamber and thus safeguard marriage rights for same-sex couples.

The video also reminds us of the progress that has been achieved where gay rights is concerned. Just a year ago, and still under the DADT rule, a soldier could have been kicked out of the military for openly declaring his love for a member of the same-sex, let alone being married to a same-sex partner.

However, Paul and David still cannot access the full military benefits afforded heterosexual married couples, or the full federal benefits the law provides straight married citizens, because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

All that said, congratulations to Paul and David for their beautiful – and increasingly ordinary – civil marriage.

In somewhat related news, June is Pride Month and for the first time post-DADT repeal the Pentagon is celebrating with a series of tributes to its openly LGB servicemembers.


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Neal Gay
Neal Gay5 years ago

@ James C.....You are the one who is Sick because you automatically associate gay men with anal sex, something that Hetrosexual men do also. Is it only a crime when two gay men are involved or do Straights get a free pass? Remember this Jamey Boy: not all gay men have anal sex. News Flash: When it comes to Sex Toy sales, Straight Women are the top customers buying Anal Toys to use Hetrosexually on their Husbands and Boyfriends . The city of Sodom never existed so Sodomy should NOT even be part of the English language.

Rose Becke5 years ago

I wish them all the best

Silvia van der Zande

Good for them !!! Congratulations !!

Ernest R.
Ernest R5 years ago

@ Glenna J….”They are supposed to marry because of LOVE.” That is a pretty recent supposition, originated I believe in the US before the second World War. Europeans found the concept interesting when they learned of it from American soldiers. Among the upper classes marriage was to form political alliances or to blend fortunes or to produce heirs. Among lower classes it was an opportunity for women to have a secure an economic nest for offspring, for men it provided someone to manage the household, cook and clean, to be available for sex and produce sons. In some parts of the world, bride and groom still don’t see each other before the marriage ceremony.

Expedy Hernandez
Expedy Hernandez5 years ago

Beautiful example of the direction that our country is slowly moving to. As a proud parent of a gay son, I congratulate Paul and David and am so happy their are places where my son too will can some day get married to whomever he loves. :o)

Ann P.
Ann P5 years ago

Congratulations Paul and David and if people have any negative comments they should not forget that you Paul defends their country and their morals by risking your life for them in active service.

Have a long and happy life together.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks Steve for posting the article and the video. My congratulations to Paul and David. If all of us work hard enough for marriage equality, in the next few years this will not even be a news item just an announcement in the social section of the newspaper.

C.M. Concepcion
C.M. Concepcion5 years ago

So sweet! The haters just need to go away!

annelies j.
annelies j5 years ago

Bernd F:
"OK with me (more opportunities with the girls for me because there are two competitors less, he, he!),...."

Good luck with that one.

David Johnson
David Johnson5 years ago

Congratulation Paul and David!
And to the Iowa legislature...Stand STRONG against the biots and hate-mongers.