The Shocking Reality of Rabbit Farms

Over the last two years Animal Equality, an international animal advocacy organization dedicated to defending all animals, has been running an undercover investigation into the reality of the rabbit meat industry in Spain, which also has direct links with popular UK restaurants.

After infiltrating farms to document what’s really going on behind closed doors, the shocking findings have finally been revealed and the truth is deeply disturbing.

In total, 72 farms and four slaughterhouses were investigated across Spain, some of which were award winning operations.

Animal Equality believe that the public have a right to know the conditions under which animals are kept so they can make informed decisions about the practices that they choose to support.

But that’s not the only reason campaigns like this are so important. These investigations help to raise social awareness about the plight that farmed animals have to endure. These are not isolated cases. Cruelty like this is happening in farms all over the world, and not just rabbit farms.

Warning: The video you’re about to watch contains graphic footage.

It is not uncommon for rabbits in this industry to have the life expectancy of just a few hours. Many of the babies are thrown into the trash while still alive where they are left to die slowly among the rotting corpses of their friends and family.

Rabbits that aren’t immediately killed are forced to live in dark, dirty cages with nothing but wired floor where they spend the rest of their short lives without ever seeing daylight.

Due to the cramped and confined conditions that the rabbits have to live in many of them become ill and suffer without ever receiving any medical care. Open wounds and infections are left completely untreated for weeks at a time, and the stress of living in this unnatural and over-crowded environment leads to cannibalism.

Rabbits with broken paws in obvious pain attempting to reach their food and water, and others staggering and agonizing in the same cages with swollen faces from severe infections, were documented during Animal Equality’s investigation.

It is not just the farm workers either that were found responsible for the cruel and inhumane treatment of these innocent rabbits. Some vets were also accountable, showing no sensitivity for the suffering of the animals. They were even filmed partaking in the killing of rabbits by smashing them to death on the floor before tossing them aside, all the while openly acknowledging that this constitutes as animal abuse.

This abhorrent abuse was found in every single farm that Animal Equality visited.

When the rabbits reach two kilograms they are sent to the slaughterhouse. After a long and stressful journey without food and water they are hung upside down on hooks before having their throats slit. Despite being stunned, many of the rabbits still writhed around in terror desperately trying to break free.

This new footage and documented evidence allows us to see what the industry wants to keep hidden, and as a result we are able to consciously decide that we no longer want to participate in the suffering of animals.

This abuse does not have to happen. Together we can decide to make better choices and it’s as simple as leaving animals off our plates.

See the photos of the rabbit investigation here.

Photo Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur


Richard A
Richard Aabout a year ago

Thank you for posting this article.

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thanks for the article.

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Terrible! Please visit:

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe3 years ago

OMG - I am crying for all of these poor babies!! No animal should endure what these rabbits are put through.
I had a pet rabbit when I was a kid and he was the sweetest thing!

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

Can't watch the video. The story was hard enough. I did not see a petition to support it. It really gets hard to realize the evil that humans put upon animals.

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Tori L.3 years ago

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OMFG !! DISGUSTING,SICKENING,BARBERIC,CRUEL,HORRID and should be OUT-LAWED !! This form of Animal TORTURE and MURDER is CRIMMINAL !! What they are doing is FELONY Animal ABUSE in the worst way!! These poor Innocent little Rabbits shouldn't be Abused this way! Rabbits are so sweet and lovable,it makes me SICK just thinking the TERROR they are living in! No Compassion from the SCUM doing this either!! I can't even imagine how these Sick Perverted Scum treat their own kids or pets!! I'm sure they will be MONSTERS just like them!! :(

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LMj Sunshine
James Merit3 years ago


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This shit makes me sick..