The Truth Behind “Free-Range” Turkeys [VIDEO]

The use of the label “free-range” has led many consumers to believe that when they buy an animal that carries this tag, they are not supporting the horrific abuse involved in traditional factory farming.

But as you can see from this investigation footage from RESCUED, animals raised in “free-range” farms still suffer a tremendous amount and endure nightmarish living conditions for their short lives, before they are prematurely killed.

For those of us who truly care about the well being of animals, the most important thing we can do is to end our support of industries that profit from the suffering and death of innocent creatures.

No matter how an animal is raised and treated during their life, they do not deserve to be needlessly killed.


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Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago


Patricia B.
Patricia Bucio7 years ago


Patricia B.
Patricia Bucio7 years ago

Buen artículo

Bev N.
Bev N.7 years ago

Spread some thanks around;not only humans deserve something to be thankful for!

Jami Winn
Jami Winn7 years ago

i had corn dogs and potato chips for thanksgiving this year

Lynda H.
Lynda Sick7 years ago

Diane and Erica - I am SO PROUD OF YOU!

Diane L.
Diane L7 years ago

Yup, like I said, Lynda, great suggestions & advice. I'm not sure if I'm agreeing or DISAGREEING with Erica or you about serving a non-turkey Christmas dinner, but here goes my thoughts. If I was a vegan (which I'm obviously NOT), I doubt any of my family would accept an invitation to dinner if they thought I wasn't having at least something in the way of meat, not necessarily a turkey, but they'd probably just make a "token visit" to exchange gifts or whatever. I think, if I WERE a vegan, I'd cook what I thought they wanted for a meal, whatever would make THEM feel welcome in order to be here, or I'd not invite them. I'd let them stay home or go elsewhere and eat what I wanted. Again, just my thoughts on what I'd do. Not being vegan, if my family was, then I'd suggest that they come for dinner and eat whatever I served that they felt comfortable, mashed potatoes, stuffing, carrots & leave the meat for me, LOL!

I want my friends & family to feel welcome, but on the other hand, it's MY house. If they're not comfortable with what I have here, nobody's forcing them to come here. On this same topic (sort of), I've been subjected to snotty comments about dog hair & cat hair in my house. Everybody knows I have dogs & cats, so if they can't put up with the hair, they can stay away!

Lynda, I've made a note to call Farmer George, the local butcher, tomorrow to pre-order my Xmas turkey (free-range, locally raised).

Erica Bastow
Erica B7 years ago

"There may be some ill feeling and grumpy faces, but most of your family will accept it happily, and love you even more for your love and compassion."

Lynda, obviously you don't know my family and friends very well! I would have a lonely table for one at the holiday dinner table if I didn't serve a standing rib roast or a turkey! Your family and friends who are omnivores must be very tolerant
indeed if they would go without their traditional holiday meal because you chose to take the "moral high ground." I'm not knocking them...I give them kudos, if that is the case! I WISH my family/friends were like that...people who would give a vegetarian meal a chance. But they aren't. And unfortunately, many many more families and friends are NOT that tolerant, and it is kind of turning a blind eye to think that everyone else's friends and family are as ethical, concerning food animals, as yours.

As for your other idea...starting EARLY to find a farm that humanely raises and kills their livestock...I AGREE 100%!!! Within the next 2 or 3 days, my settlement check from my lawyer's office will clear and I'll be able to AFFORD to pay extra for that privilege! As you know, prior to my settlement, I had NO extra money to ALLOW me choice in my meat source...I'm on food stamps! That's all changed, and I assure you that I will have my holiday roast SHIPPED if I can't find a local source! Money really DOES make a difference in the ability to make choices...I've been there!
PS: Love ya L

Lynda H.
Lynda Sick7 years ago

Thanks, everyone!

Since this thread looks like it has fizzled out, I’d like to pull it back to topic, for a good reason.

Christmas is coming. I know I try to ignore it every year, but it doesn’t go away. Judging by the long queues at all the stores in the last week, I know I’m not the only one.

Christmas Day usually involves a family feast, much like Thanksgiving. Most people will have meat on the table. How many times have you waited until too late to get the humanely-reared local meat, and had to grab whatever was left at the supermarket? And you know where that came from.

Don’t put it off! Go shopping NOW and put your order in! Go to the local farmers: search the internet for your nearest free-range farm, and call them. Be flexible: the turkey is a modern Christmas tradition: it used to be goose, and duck is another option.

And if you can’t find any, consider going without. If you’ve raised your family, or been raised by them, with a deep love for animals, then they should understand why you refuse to support the unimaginable cruelty of a factory farm. Some may protest: show them pictures. Show them this video. Read them a list of the chemicals, toxins and hormones regularly pumped into that helpless creature. There may be some ill feeling and grumpy faces, but most of your family will accept it happily, and love you even more for your love and compassion.

Marilyn D.
7 years ago

Erica: LOL thanks for the chuckles!!

Lynda: Great info and I agree with you about the food sold by vets. Our vet sells Science Diet, but doesn't recommend it! LOL
We do have to have Buster on a prescription diet though.