The Ultimate Cat-Stuck-In-Tree Rescue

We’ve all faced the sadness of seeing a cat trapped in a tree and sometimes waiting hours or days for it to come down. Often it’s hard to find help and too many people disregard the dire nature of these emergencies saying, “Well, you never see a cat skeleton in a tree do you?”  Yes, indeed, cats do suffer terribly this way as dehydration can lead to irreversible organ failure and a fall from such heights can bring on shattered bones.

Thankfully, there are good people who are willing to go out on a limb, quite literally, for cats in need. Enjoy this video of rescuer Gary Teates who shows tremendous patience and skill in the rescue of one cat who couldn’t wait to come down.

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Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Sian R.
Sian R6 years ago

Silly cat - and I would have said silly man, too, except that he's an arborist. But cats will come down by themselves when they get hungry enough. They're sybarites, really.
To those who advocate keeping cats indoors - that's cruel and unnecessary. Some cats prefer indoors, some don't. My tiny, beautiful cat went outside whenever she wanted to and lived to the grand old age of 23.
(She also ruled the neighbourhood, and no other cat dared to enter our garden, while she came and went everywhere as she pleased.)

Kathy P.
kathy P6 years ago

Thank you Gary ~ You are a true hero.

Birgit W.
Birgit W6 years ago

I know from my own cat that they only get up a tree if somebody or something really scares them.
Thank you Gary Teates!

Berty Jardine
Berty Jardine6 years ago

Awww that brought tears to my eyes

Helle H.
Helle H6 years ago

That man must have nerves of steel.

Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

What a wonderful man! Hopefully, she's learned her lesson!

Ginny Calento
Ginny C6 years ago

Great rescue Gary Teates! He was so gentle with the kitty.

My cats were going crazy hearing the kitty crying while I was listening to this video!

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton6 years ago

Great rescue story. Thanks.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B6 years ago

wow....great video