The Young Guns: A Pattern of Abuse Against Women?

Earlier I wrote about a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ad against Jeff Perry of Massachusetts, focusing on his past scandal of illegal strip searches, in some cases performed on teenage girls.

Now it seems that the Perry ad is part of a DCCC campaign to highlight the Republican National Congressional Committee’s “Young Guns,” a group of new Republican candidates running this cycle.   And, according to the DCCC, this group of men has a surprisingly antagonistic relationship with women.

House Republican Leadership have recruited, endorsed, and promoted the campaigns of Young Guns candidates with a history of contempt, violence towards women, and wildly extreme policies towards women.

A recent report about NRCC Young Gun Tom Ganley (OH-13) being sued by a potential campaign volunteer for attempted rape and sexual assault comes on the heels of recent reports about other highly NRCC touted Young Guns and candidates including Jeff Perry (MA-10),  Scott DesJarlais (TN-04), Brad Zaun (IA-03), Dan Benishek (MI-01),  David Rivera (FL-25), Keith Fimian (VA-11), Dan Debicella (CT-04), Dan Webster (FL-08)

“It sends women across the country a chilling message when House Republican leadership promotes the campaigns of their Republican recruits with allegations of attempted rape, sexual assault, restraining orders, and other violent behavior towards women,” said Jennifer Crider, DCCC spokesperson.  “Our mothers, daughters, and sisters deserve better than Republican leadership that not only tolerates this contemptible behavior, but actively seeks out candidates like this and promotes them.

Allegations of past misogyny and abuse range from anti-women policies like denying rape victims emergency contraceptives, working with groups that promote women submit to their husbands, or trying to back out of child support responsibilities, to frightening actions of domestic abuse, restraining orders, harassment and even sexual assault. 

Republican leadership has not only endorsed and backed these candidates, but given them tens of thousands of dollars to help them with their campaigns.

Republicans have already tried to co-opt feminism with the likes of Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell.  How much further are they intending to push their anti-women agenda this campaign cycle?

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Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra R6 years ago

These men qualify because if they are able to bully their women, then they are more likely to be able to bully others as well in Congress and the Senate.

Clark B.
Clark B.7 years ago

The DCCC is hardly a credible source of unbiased news. The DCCC and NRCC are spin machines for their respective parties. Any "news" coming out of these organizations needs to be independently researched. For example, the Perry story is not quite as blatant as the DCCC version would lead one to believe. At worst, he mishandled his subordinate, Officer Flanagan, because he initially believed the officer's version of the story. The real perpetrator in this story was officer Flanagan who is now serving time in prison for his illegal searches of teenagers. The investigation found Mr. Perry was innocent of any wrongdoing (according to the Boston Globe story, among others, covering this incident). I'm not a Perry supporter or apologist but it is dangerous to take a political machine "story" and accept it at face value as being the absolute truth. We all know that the political organizations (both sides) will take any story and spin it for their own purposes. I encourage everyone to do their own research before jumping to conclusions and excoriating anyone unfairly.

Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth C7 years ago

I think it is time to send a clear message to these sorry excuses for sentient beings...NO MORE ABUSE! Hit them where it hurts...take them out of their circle of power and show them women will never again be used for their sick amusement! Let them topple from the top and when they hit bottom make sure they stay there.

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

If Republicans aren't on an anti-women platform, why do they have the likes of Sarah Palin and Christine O'donnell out there making conservative women look like a bunch of vine swinging floosies? If you're going to get them out there, c'mon! At least put out the likes of Laura Bush, who can command the respect from a 5 star general.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

Yes and what is sad is the idiot women in the Party and women supporters can't see it.

Charles Edwards
Charles Edwards7 years ago

Not saying right or wrong, but coming from a man that has been falsely labeled of sexual harassment, I would have to see proof of the 'crime' before condemning any one. I made a simple statement to a woman at my job that normally seemed to 'dress down' that the dress she was wearing that particular day from the color to the fit set her in a good light.As my physical appearance & bearing,so I have been told, is somewhat aggressive, I have always tried to weigh my words before speaking and dial down my tone so as not to be misinterpreted but in this instance, I was called on the carpet and told that if it happened again, my job was forfeit.The way it was handled, I did not know what was said to whom to draw this reaction. Fortunately I knew other female employees that worked in that area that found out exactly who and why. They were more offended at the 'charges' than I was and wanted to go 'talk' to this woman which I specifically discouraged. But when I hear a sexual charge being leveled at someone now, I want proof before condemnation.If proved to my satisfaction, I will buy the rope & lead the charge to justice as I have no room for this type of behaviour.

Mary S.
Mary S7 years ago

Why, why, why do these "young guns" think they are the way to go. American is going backwards so fast it makes your head hurt, and I do the Tea Baggers and like groups.

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago

Unfortunately, there will always be people like that and those who choose to follow them.

Robert L.
Robert L.7 years ago

For decades, feminists have owned the fields of women's studies and gender studies, and many of the posts here are evidence of the downside of a field's being dominated by one group that has vested interests in the outcomes of their "research." Forty years of intellectual inbreeding produces a lot of self-delusion without benefit of substantive dissent or reality-checks. Substituting one kind of sexism for another isn't progress.

Janine M.
Janine M7 years ago

The scary thought about all of this is that these people have people listening to them. Obviously without having the ability to come up with real solutions to the problems in this country they choose to focus on hateful things=After their homphobic tirades, and their anti-other religeons and their anti-foodstamp statemnets they now attack women, as they percieve us to be soft targets...What they do not realize is that there are more women voters than men voters... and that the more they open their mouths the more they are succeeding in alienating intelligent Americans...