These Heroes Saved Dogs in Hot Cars This Summer

It should be common sense that you don’t leave your dog in a hot car. But over and over again, we see headlines about dogs being left in hot cars and suffering severely – or dying from the heat.

Within 10 minutes, a car’s interior temperature can rise 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In 45 minutes, that temperature will rise an additional 25 degrees, adding a total of 45 degrees to the temperature outside. So while a sunny, 60-degree day may seem cool enough to leave your dog or child in the car, it actually could be deadly. Within 45 minutes, the temperature inside the car can surpass 100 degrees. So you can only imagine the torture endured during an 80 or 90-degree day.

This summer has already seen a number of brave dog rescues, as well as the unfortunate tragedies. Many good Samaritans have gone out of their way to free animals whose owners have put their lives in danger. Here are just a few of them.

Cops rescue 22 dogs

A 54-year-old woman and 22 dogs were pulled from deplorable and deadly conditions in New York just a couple of weeks ago. All were locked in a sweltering car, with the dogs sick, malnourished and covered in feces. Area cops took the dogs out of their terrible situation and sent them to get the veterinary care needed. The dogs were either put in foster homes or a shelter.

Woman ticketed for rescuing a dog

Kathy Isaksen was in a hospital parking lot during a 74-degree day when she saw a dog in a car. She alerted security and the police, but the police didn’t respond and security said the dog was fine, which Isaksen did not believe. So she did something about it. With the help of her granddaughter and another concerned onlooker, the dog was taken out of the car and brought to the owner. As a result, Isaksen – whose sister was sick in the hospital – was ticketed and banned from the hospital for a year.

Man who used a rock to save a dog

A man used a rock to smash a car window in order to save the dog suffering inside. Temperatures had reached 90 degrees on that day and the dog’s owners had left the dog to attend a festival. They were gone for about 50 minutes when the man discovered the dog. He immediately found a large rock and used it to break the back window to get the dog out.

State trooper breaks window to save dog

A New Jersey state trooper found a toy poodle with signs of heat stroke locked in a car in a thrift store parking lot. The dog was laying on its side in a crate, so the trooper broke the car window with a baton, scooped the dog up and brought it to receive veterinary care.

Several U.S. states, including Tennessee, Florida and Wisconsin, have passed laws allowing citizens to smash a car window in order to save a dog. If it’s still illegal in your state to rescue a dog from a hot car, consider starting a Care2 petition targeting your local legislators and get help from Care2 members. No one should die alone, inside a car, from heat stroke.

What to Do When You See a Dog in a Hot Car

Photo Credit: RobanKramer


Nellie K Adaba
Nellie K Adabaabout a year ago

Fantastic, more people should do that.

Andrea B.
.about a year ago

I would never leave my dog Molly in the car, People who do this should be punished, Thank you for sharing this.

Marie W.
Marie Wabout a year ago

All states should allow window breaking to save lives.

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallusabout a year ago

Thank you for sharing.

Muff-Anne York-Haley
Muff-Anne Yabout a year ago

Thankyou, you're heroes

iveta NoFwdsPls cer
iveta NoFwdsPls cabout a year ago

Awesome job thank you

Joanna M.
Joanna Mabout a year ago

Tell U.S. lawmakers it's time to create a national animal abuse registry!

Maxine Stopfer
Maxine Stopferabout a year ago

Thank you to everyone who rescued those adorable furbabies. If you can't properly care for your animal, leave it at home. A hot or cold car is no place for them. As for the lady who was banned from the hospital for a year. I'd ban myself for life because I wouldn't want to be in a hospital that was so uncaring in the first place. Surely there are other hospitals around with more caring hearts.

Terri S.
Terri Sabout a year ago

Legal or not, I'd break the damn window!!

Ruth C.
Ruth Cabout a year ago

People who leave animals in the cars, just don't care about the life of the animals!