‘This Is My Body’ Video Sees Women Speaking Out For Control

A video posted on Vimeo just over a week ago shows several women speaking on behalf of their bodies and their lives. The campaign is asking other women to contribute their own monologues. Each women declares, in turn “This is my body, not yours,” as they speak out against measures being taken to strip women of basic human rights.

The video portrays women of all colors and backgrounds, each speaking about their control of their own lives and bodies and they do it powerfully.

This Is My Body from Jason Stefaniak on Vimeo.

Underneath there is a link to aáFacebook page where there is more information and a request for more women to post their own videos. The page states clearly the goal of the campaign: equal rights for all women now.

The women in the video speak directly about access to abortions, access to birth control and the cutting of Planned Parenthood funding from the Susan G. Komen Foundation,áwhich directly affected women needing breast cancer screening.

The women bring up things women around the country face every day — harassment when they try to hold control over their own bodies and laws that block them from choosing their own health care routes.

“I am done being excluded from decisions about my sexual and reproductive health,” says one woman.

“I will not be quiet, I will not wait my turn, I will not heed you,” says another. “I know my physical and mental strength and I do not fear you.”

The video ends with the declaration that we now live in a world where women know their power and their voice. This is an excellent showcase of just that.

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Photo Credit: Garry Knight


Stanley Rampersad
Stanley Balgobin5 years ago

If the GOP get in it won't be your body, that's for sure.

Jane L.
Jane L5 years ago

brilliant, strong, empowering...absolutely loved this video. It really brings a voice to women in politics, society...in every aspect of life- where we are most often silenced by the shouting sounds of men who think they know what's best for us, who want to control us. I'm so tired of hearing, reading, seeing visions in the media, in government, etc. dictating how women should be. It's not up for THEM to side but US! We are in charge of our own bodies and therefore our say is the only one that counts.

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold5 years ago

Excellent video. This is my body and I will do what I feel is right for it.

Carrie H.
Carrie H5 years ago

Heather the body of a fetus cannot survive outside the mother’s body, the body of a child can. A woman’s body is not a salve to anyone or anything, not a man not a boss not a fetus or a child. A fetus even though it starts to look like a baby at 12 weeks cannot live outside the body! No one should be forced to carry a fetus, or use their body to sustain the life of another body fetus child or adult. Just like no one should be forced to donate a lung kidney or bone marrow while they are still alive to someone one else who would die without it, just because you can doesn’t mean you should have to. Donating blood is a minor inconvenience it is not required and it saves countless lives. Sometimes very rarely a fetus will live born after 24 weeks, that doesn’t mean a woman’s body is something to be used to sustain another life or possible life. Abortion is really simple, if you don't want one don't have it. IF you believe a man should be a part of the abortion decision then support prenatal child support, if you believe it should be a 2 part decision then all that the woman has to do to maintain that pregnancy should be compensated for including dental and loose of work for appointments and exhaustion due to pregnancy or help him find a way to carry the pregnancy. Abortion is not an easy light hearted decision even for the flakiest person, sometimes being flaky or tough about it is just a way to deal with the feelings about it. NO ONE GETS PREGANT SO

Heather Marvin
Heather Marvin5 years ago

What about the body of the child?

Mike L.
Mike L.5 years ago

Why would anyone be opposed to this unless you on some level thought it was a human life? Just making the point. I'm not a life begins at conception person but still makes me wonder.

Karen Howard
Karen H5 years ago

Steve R, how shameful. A woman isn’t “giving her body to a man”. It’s still HER body and she’s enjoying the moment (and sometimes that’s as long as it lasts). Her body is HERS and she’s sharing the love. Would you consider that a man is “giving his body to a woman”? Probably not.
If pregnancy results from the love making, in far too many cases the man treats it like the woman said he gave her an STD: “It wasn’t me!” and walks away. He doesn’t WANT any rights or responsibility. He had his fun, got his rocks off, and now moves on to his next conquest.
Women, maybe Steve R’s right. If we all get vibrators we won’t have to deal with lame brains like him. Can’t get pregnant by a vibrator & it’s often more satisfying. Let them find their own release.

Joshua Krickeric
Joshua K5 years ago

Your distinction and I'm not sure even that's accurate ( that it's "not part of the mother" given the umbilical cord attachment) is irrelevant. It is inside of and dependent on the mother. It has no more rights than a pencil point would if a woman accidentally swallowed one. The entire issue is does the woman get to decide what she will do with her body or not? Does she have a right to personal autonomy and integrity? If yes, then she has an individual constitutional right to decide her own destiny without the interference of the state or the male. If not, then she is a slave made so by the fact that she is capable of getting pregnant. I, for one, oppose slavery in all its forms.

Flavio L.
Flávio Lima5 years ago

Joshua, I never said anything in the lines of "independent existence". Read my posts again. What I said is that an embryo/fetus is not part of the body of her mother. The placenta is. Is that scientifically wrong indeed? I'm quite sure not! Human embryology is not really my expertise, but having a degree in biology has makes me quite aware of certain distinctions. It would be nice if this talk of "my body" when talking about undesired pregnancies to have an end. "My body with an undesired embryo", that's correct. Since you are so scientifically-minded, I'm sure you can appreciate the distinction and eventually agree with this point, and maybe even help to convince some people here, that apparently are willingly to give you ears and follow your scientifically-sound advice. But science is not all, chap.

Sarah D.
Sarah D5 years ago

Steve R. and Flavio are two of many reasons for why some women feel that men should not be allowed to be involved in the abortion discussion.