This Man Has Saved Hundreds of Dogs From Yulin – and He’s Going Back for More

When Marc Ching, an American holistic nutritionist and animal lover, first heard about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, he couldn’t believe it was real. Was there really a place where they actually kill cats and dogs for meat? Ching went to Yulin to witness it with his own eyes, at which point everything changed and his mission became clear: Do whatever it takes to put an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

“Most groups do petitions or go to dog farms,” he explains of efforts from groups such as the Humane Society of the United States, who rescue hundreds of dogs from breeding farms that sell dogs to slaughterhouses for butchering. “I go undercover to slaughterhouses and document torture. I’m bringing this torture to the public so they know what’s happening. People know in Asia dogs are killed for meat. What they don’t understand is that they’re torturing them.”

While supporters of the festival claim that the eating of cats and dogs is no different from the consumption of bacon or chicken in America, Ching says the difference is in the way the animals are killed. In the United States, laws like the Humane Slaughter Act protect farm animals from unnecessary abuse (although enforcement of those laws is a whole other issue). In China, abuse and plain cruelty towards the dogs is encouraged under the popular and misconceived belief that the adrenaline rush makes the meat softer, and since the animal was strong enough to withstand torture, that strength will be transferred to the one who eats it.

Ching says he’s seen just about everything, from dogs being boiled alive to being sodomized, being thrown against walls and even disemboweled. He captured the horrifying images with his phone — a hidden camera in plain sight.

“The cover is that I go as a meat buyer and the people who own these places think I’m a potential business partner,” he explains. “I have my arms crossed, holding the phone in my hand and I’m taking video the whole time.”

It’s a dangerous move, he says, and hasn’t always worked. He’s been caught before and severely beaten, shot at and had his camera confiscated, but it’s a risk he considers worth the reward.

He also saves as many animals as he can under the guise of wanting to slaughter the animals himself to see if the meat is any good before he commits to a large purchase. He takes about five to ten animals at a time and immediately drives them to cities with a veterinary clinic to get them treated. He then brings the ones who survive to the United States to get adopted.

A handful of dogs per slaughterhouse may not sound like a lot, especially considering that over 10,000 cats and dogs are slaughtered in Yulin alone (and not counting countries like Vietnam and Indonesia where dog meat is regularly eaten), but the numbers add up.

He’s done five trips to Asia since 2015 and has rescued over 300 dogs. On June 11, he is going to Cambodia where he will literally blow up a slaughterhouse he purchased and then build a vegetarian noodle restaurant that the family who owned the slaughterhouse can operate in its place. He will then head to Yulin in hopes of rescuing more animals.

Although he does receive some donations from his nonprofit Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, which rescues abused animals in the United States, Ching says his missions in Asia are mostly self-funded. And while this one-man operation has been successful so far, he’ll need more than his sole efforts to put a stop to Yulin and the dog meat trade.

He is actively trying to get a meeting with officials in China to show them how horrifying the practices at slaughterhouses are, a task he equates as someone in China trying to schedule a meeting with Obama. But in the meantime he shares the less gory images from his rescue missions on social media, hoping that, as more people become aware of what the festival entails, they will actively push governments to put an end to it.

To help Ching’s efforts and ask the Chinese government to end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, you can sign the Care2 petition, which already has over 1,180,000 supporters.

Photo Credit: Marc Ching


Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

federico bortoletto


Glen Venezio
Glen Venezio2 years ago

Another wonderful effort in this world for animals

darcy cayre
Darcy C2 years ago

Great Man!Hats off because I couldn't witness those horrible practices!Let's help him with donations.

Debbie W.
Debbie Watson2 years ago

lve been following Marc on his Facebook page and he is in Yulin now and has saved 1000 dogs already but is in desperate need of donations, as they are overwhelmed with the amount of dogs they have been able to save.
Please everyone donate what you can at his website the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation..
You can watch the rescue live on his Facebook.. That guy is so special, please help.

Julie G.
Julie G2 years ago

Well done to this wonderful man, Marc, who is saving the lives of these innocent little souls.
I fail to understand how the so-called humans who carry out these despicable, murderous acts can actually live with themselves. They obviously have no consciences and zero compassion. We can all hope that the extremely bad Karma they give out, will come back to them tenfold.
Thank you very much for your selfless, heroic acts, Marc. Good Karma will shine very brightly around you.

boyd hore
boyd hore2 years ago


william Miller
william Miller2 years ago

Awesome thanks

Adeline W.
Adeline A2 years ago

It is happening. Marc Ching of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and other groups are closing down slaughterhouses in yulin china right now. Animal Hope and Wellness appeals for help to rescue the 1000's of dogs from the slaughterhouses. Please see the facebook page
and instagram page for more details. Urgent help needed to make this nightmare end!

Debbie W.
Debbie Watson2 years ago

After having read some comments l would like to point out that the chinese dont eat dogs because they are hungry, it is a delicacy and its mostly men who eat it thinking it will make them strong and virile.
So to the people saying its the same as a cow or pig etc being killed in the west, it isnt, as far as that point is concerned.
We know that animals in the west are treated horribly for their short lives before being killed, and they are often treated cruelly by slaughterhouse workers, as anyone doing that for a job cant have any compassion , but what those dogs endure is absolutely hellish and goulish and , well words cant describe.

lm a vegan and lve been involved in animals rights for 30 years, and lve seen all manner of horrible photos and films, but there is definately something so wrong, unnatural about this that affects everyone who sees it on a very deep level. Its unnatural as dogs are predators, and we are primates, the fact these people can think up such vile, horrific barbaric torture, for the sake of softer meat and superstition is heartbreaking.
Of course all animals lives are precious, wether a rat, dog, cow, chicken, toad , no matter who it is they are precious, but to the people saying its hypercritical to care about dogs and not cows, well its easy to understand as most people interact with dogs on a daily basis, most people have a family member as a dog, dogs do so much for people and so on, that is why it gets to people on such a deep level, it