Joni Flores
Joni Flores4 years ago

I'm so grateful to see someone else that is trying so very hard, to rescue what once was a child's nightmare; since I was maybe 4 or 5, I was already stealing animals from the sick bastard neighbors and always swore, one day, the day never came, that anywhere in this country, I could somehow acquire enough land to develop a huge sanctuary for every single, living creature...even to have the ability to fly them from the most disgusting, cruel and off the grid countries.
I never will or could ever, understand how these people; monsters really, could ever be so painfully evil and disgusting. These killers of the Philippines and a few others that for whatever reason ended up, literally in my backyard, need to be sterilized. Sorry, plain and simple. Have tons of kids that perpetuate the same cycle of inhumane evil? Stop trying to become a citizen here. Clearly, a-holes won't comply with simple laws that PROHIBIT backyard slaughter, yet what, am I the only one pushing, yelling and stealing animals from sh*t hats that move to hawaii? I been doin this instead of doing homework @ 5 years old. Shocking? Not so much, not growing up in what was a terribly corrupt, fly zone for many ignorant, disgusting immigrants.
Anyone can challenge me, you weren't the kid in a crib left to hear animals screaming every frikin weekend, by sadistic bastards.
No one with even half a heart would ever allow their only child to suffer week after week, month and year after that, listening to, defenseless