This Popular Facebook Group Claims Ingesting Bleach Will Cure Autism

Over a decade ago, a man by the name of Jim Humble released a book called “The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century.” In the text, Humble claimed he had discovered an amazing way to cure a number of ailments, ranging from malaria to cancer to hepatitis.

What was this panacea? A 28 percent solution of sodium chlorite in water. As prescribed by Humble, this mixture should be ingested and then followed with citric acid to produce chlorine dioxide.

For those unfamiliar with chemistry, chlorine dioxide is essentially industrial-grade bleach. It is most commonly used to manufacture paper, serve as a pesticide and treat wastewater.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the so-called Miracle Mineral Supplement — or MMS, as it’s sometimes shortened — is incredibly toxic to humans, with the potential to be fatal when ingested.

While Humble’s book predictably garnered heavy criticism from the medical community, people interested in “alternative” medicines eventually began buying into the disturbing treatment program — and at least a few confirmed deaths soon followed.

But Humble was not the only one to profit from the dangerously ignorant.

In 2015 a Washington man named Louis Smith was sent to prison for over four years after selling a version of the Miracle Mineral Solution online. Smith crassly marketed the product by stating that the symptoms of chlorine dioxide poisoning — nausea, dehydration and severe diarrhea — were proof that the “toxins” causing the user’s illness were being expelled. He even assured would-be customers that the treatment was safe for pregnant woman.

In addition to Humble and Smith, a woman named Kerri Rivera made a name for herself in her campaign to sell books promoting the “CD cure” — chlorine dioxide, that is. After experiencing legal trouble in Illinois, Rivera eventually moved to Mexico where she still tries to hock her — quite literally — toxic literature.

Though most MMS/CD “treatments” have lost traction in alternative medicine crowds, they still remain somewhat popular among anti-vaccine parents with autistic children. It is to this group that Rivera continues to market and with success.

Today Rivera and others operate a closed Facebook group by the name “CD Autism.” As of writing, there are over 8,500 members. Though access to the group is heavily moderated, the group’s page offers a link to Rivera’s website with a link to buy “the most controversial autism healing book in the world”.”

Rivera also maintains a Facebook page dedicated to her book, “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism.”

Here Rivera suggests that parents of autistic children either feed them a sodium chlorite solution, or more preferably, administer it via enema. She explains that the sloughing off and excretion of the membrane linings of the digestive tract are evidence that the “parasites” responsible for autism are being cleaned out. This, of course, is pure nonsense.

On her website, Rivera claims that so far 237 children have been “cured” of autism, thanks to her CD treatment plan.

To call Kerri Rivera a vile snake oil saleswoman would be a serious understatement. No, in truth she is an opportunistic sadist promoting nothing short of child abuse to concerned parents.

And this is precisely why Facebook needs to intervene by banning Rivera’s “CD Autism” group.

Take action!

Please consider reporting the group’s page to Facebook, as well adding your name to this Care2 petition.

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