Tim Pawlenty Talks Lady Gaga, Sheen In Iowa Stops

Republican Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty seems to be attempting search engine optimization on his campaign campaign, peppering his latest Iowa stops with a string of tenuous pop-culture references that seem more geared towards landing good Google traffic than really clarifying public policy positions.

Politico reports:

Tim Pawlenty sprinkled “tiger blood” into a speech before college Republicans in Iowa on Friday, drawing titters from the crowd as he said 2012 GOPers will have something in common with Charlie Sheen — winning, duh.

“Now, we may not in this room have ‘tiger blood’ like he does,” Pawlenty, the keynote speaker at the Iowa College Republicans event, told the chuckling crowd, according to a report by radio host O. Kay Henderson. “But we do have something else in common with him. There’s going to be a lot of winning on the Republican side in 2012.”

Pawlenty also went the Lady Gaga route, saying President Obama had “duped” younger voters — who heavily supported him in 2008 — during his campaign, adding, “What the younger voters have figured out this is really a broken relationship. He made soaring promises, set grand expectations. “

He added, “He’s broken those promises. He’s failed to fulfill the expectations. If this was a Lady Gaga song, the relationship between the youth vote and Barack Obama would be ‘Bad Romance.’”

The crowd didn’t immediately react, Henderson reported, but came around when the former Minnesota governor added, “You know what I’m talking about.”

No, apparently they didn’t know what he was talking about.

Maybe the pop culture references were an homage to his action packed block buster movie trailer campaign announcements, or maybe it was an attempt to really establish a connection with the youth vote.  Sadly, Pawlenty’s play at “hip” is about as genuine as when his mentor John McCain tried it in 2008.


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Doug G.
Doug G7 years ago

No future for this country with thid guy. Just wind.

joan g.
.7 years ago


joan g.
.7 years ago


Cindie W.
Cindie W.7 years ago

Ignoring him... I mean, who is he? Just Another Guy. JAGs cannot be president. That's my rule.

Michael MacDonald

I can't take this.

yes, americans expected too much too soon from obama.
they seem to think that he can just wave a magic wand and change everything in 3 years,
but with the bureaucracy that is your political system..
there is no way obama could have changed anything fast.

besides that though, siding against the democrats because they haven't done enough would be ridiculous considering the fact that it is the republicans blocking him on every bill in the first place.
examples: obama's attempt to end corporate tax cuts,
the disclose act, health care, etc.

it's downright childish to let the worst possible party to win because you're not happy with the best of the worst.

I know obama sucks on lots of issues,
but here's the real question you need to be asking:
is the alternative better.

the answer is not at all.
republicans are insane
have you looked at their foreign policy
or how about just bush as a prime example.

voting for the worst party because your not happy with the best of the worst is not rational
please stop being insane america

Pat Hippert
Patricia H7 years ago

Pawlenty was a joke as governor of Minnesota and now he is a joke at running for GOP candidate. Actually, he is an embarrasment to a huge portion of Minnesota voters. He probably thinks Sheen is an amazing man and that he is right in all his rantings.

Kate H.
Kate H.7 years ago

All I could think of while reading this is that the main thing Charlie Sheen and the Republicans seem to have in common is their lack of concern about domestic abuse.

Yup, that Charlie Sheen really is a winner...

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm7 years ago

I think very few people ARE listening to him Martha lolol

John A.
Past Member 7 years ago

He needs "Get A Life! Alert" for those times when he's up and he "can't get down!" (Pawlenty = definitely not hip)

Charles G.
Wilde Thange7 years ago

He's right about empty promises but that dowsn't mean the other side of the warparty coin has any promising promises either... they both promise us more wars just different reasons just as unreasonable... wars, war spending, tigh priced star wars for offensive weaponry, high priced research the sometimes spins off product we help develop that get sold to us at incredibly high prices, and the brave new world of the multi-national corporate monoculture of the rich elite and the poor serfdoms for the rest of us... and alway low priced packs of lies sold as promises...