The Latest Rape Jokes, Brought to You By Uni Lad Online Magazine

I’ve said it over and over again – joking about rape, no matter how overt or subtle, is no laughing matter. Doesn’t seem to matter how many times I say it because time and time again I find another offender.

An online magazine aimed at university students called Uni Lad is the latest comedian. Among a myriad of offensive t-shirts, one in particular pokes fun at rape. The shirt reads, “Keep Calm, It Won’t Take Long.” Not funny.

It doesn’t stop there.

In a recent article from the same online magazine called “Sexual Mathematics,” the author writes, “If the girl you’ve taken for a drink…won’t ‘spread for your head,’ think about this mathematical statistic: 85% of rape cases go unreported.  That seems to be fairly good odds.”  Again, not funny.

The writers end the article with, “Uni Lad does not condone rape without saying ‘surprise.’” Yet again, not funny.

People on twitter were outraged by the article, which has since been taken down. In fact, the entire site is on hiatus. When you go to the homepage, you get the following message:

We would like to make a public apology as it appears that some of the content previously published on this site has caused some distress.

The content in question was un-called for and should in no way have been published, and we can assure you it will never happen again. Any grief this may have caused you, we apologise for. We took things too far.

Any flippant comments that may have been said during discussions, I also apologise for, it will not happen again. We are certainly going to be cleaning up our act on

We do appreciate where you are coming from with your points, hence forth, an immediate change in material.

Thank you, and sorry once again. will be re-launching in a few weeks.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks these “jokes” aren’t funny at all.

Uni Lad boasts that they are a lad’s best guide to getting laid, so without changing the site’s complete vision, I’m not sure “it will never happen again.”

What do you think? Will Uni Lad stop making jokes about rape?


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H M.
H M2 years ago

Oh, goody. A fauxpology. There are already enough places on the internet to read this sort of shit. I wonder how much web traffic this site had and who its advertisers were, if any.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago


Joe Beiter
Joseph Beiter5 years ago

Sorry for my "rapier wit," by the way xP

Joe Beiter
Joseph Beiter5 years ago

Veronica C.: "The words 'rape' and 'joke' should never appear in the same sentence."

uhhh... See what you did there??? :p

Cheri L.
Cheri L5 years ago

The site is about the best ways to get laid. If that is all a particular male is about then he should cough up the money and have an honest relationship with a prostitute. She knows what he is about and intends to make a profit off it. Having gone through a violent rape at knifepoint in my own home this is not a joking matter by any means. Sex is intended to help us bond to one another, to comfort each other. It is not about one sided gratifcation. If they're only looking to get laid, invest in some hand lotion and tissue paper, leave uninterested women alone.

Interesting about the 3%, that's the magic number for any serious defect in the human race. The percent of psychopaths is 3%, same for sociopaths. These may be damaged humans to begin with but there is a side note that is seldom discussed. The one thing that most rapists have in common is that they have a mother. We as women have more power than we allow ourselves to admit, time to take the job of raising our children serously. Teach them respect for themselves and for others. Sex education needs more discussion about the abnormality of rape and how people who do it need mental readjustment.

Jackie Agusta
Jackie Agusta5 years ago

Rape is not a laughing matter and anyone that makes light of it should be investigated as a potential rapist, see who is laughing then :-(

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W6 years ago

As for the commentators here who have repeatedly used the term "Bubba" in referring to a large, male Sapient, I want to speak out for all the Bubba's out there.

I lived for almost 22 yrs. in the South. I know that most folks from other parts of the country aren't aware that the term, "Bubba", is another word for "Brother" or that many family's name their children legally, Bubba.

So for all the men I've met who are named Bubba and aren't complete and total A**holes, I apologize. You are not all furry-knuckled, large-browed, illiterate, racist rapists.
Just a few of you.

Veronica C.
Veronica C6 years ago

The words "rape" and "joke" should never appear in the same sentence. There is nothing amusing or entertaining about it unless one is a sick and twisted pervert.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Om occasion I get a rape "joke" sent to me and I always respond to the sender and make no excuses about what I feel. Usually the sender is someone that didn't think it could be considered hurtful because it's "just a joke". Rape is not a joke. It's what a majority of South African women are put through. It's what every fifth woman in Norway are enduring. It's what's used against women in war zones all over the world. Rape is a crime against humanity. Not a joke! Period.

Mandy Harker
Mandy H6 years ago

Rape 'jokes' make me angry to the point of tears. This horrible invasion of privacy and rights is nothing to laugh about and it shouldn't be trivalised by 'jokes'! Real women and men are completely destroyed by this disgusting and horrible act and should never by made 'funny'.