‘Tis the Season to Shop for a Cause: Support Artists Helping Animals on Etsy

Shopping season is upon us. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone, or for yourself, a little visit to Etsy’s handmade marketplace might be in order. Not only is Etsy full of wonderful artists and indiepreneuers, but there’s an entire group who are devoted to supporting animal welfare through their shops that make up the team Etsy for Animals (EFA). 

EFA is a group of awesome independent indie artists and crafts people on Etsy who are combining their extraordinary talents with their love of animals to do some good. EFA members donate anywhere from 10 to 100 percent of their profits to an animal charity of their personal choosing, or to the groups featured charity of the month.

December’s charity of the month is Paws Animal Sanctuary, which rehomed 650 animals last year. Last month’s charity was Brighthaven, a nonprofit dedicated to helping  senior, disabled and special needs animals. Other charities that have been featured in the past include Muttville, Dachshund Rescue of North America, FieldHaven Feline Rescue and Adoption, Animeals and Epic Farms, among many others.

Between 2007 and 2008, more than $10,000 was donated to animal charities. Members of the team also donate items from their shops to charity auctions, along with their time and resources to help out when they can.

Members also network with each other about important issues from spreading around petitions to inviting others to help out with a cause. When the floods hit Iowa last year, members donated items to the Iowa Flood Relief Auction, which raised over $6700 dollars for the Cedar Rapids Animal Shelter.

The best ways to find these artists is to search for the term ‘team efa‘ on Etsy’s homepage, or use the term ‘efa cotm‘ to see who’s donating to the charity of the month. Or, if you’re in the market for something specific, check out the member page where artists are listed by category on EFA’s website.

With over 500 artists on the team, you’ll find a treasure trove of items ranging from art, jewelry, vintage items, paper goods and vegan cosmetics to clothing and housewares or goodies for your pets, among many other things. Leaving empty handed might be a challenge.

You can also find more info on EFA’s blog, their team page or their BlogTalkRadio show. Happy shopping!


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